Wanted Wizard in Savathuns Song

What do we think of the Wanted Wizard in Savathuns Song with the name Osmium Traitor? Knee Jerk reaction would assume it is Taox but further reflection does not fully support that. AFAIK, Taox never imbibed the worms, from whence the Hive wizards may be assumed to obtain their power and immortality. This would suggest that Taox should not have the powers the Wanted wizard exhibits in Savathuns Song but the name “Osmium Traitor” is evocative.

Where did you get that info about?

The main reason that it isn’t Taox is because the Wanted Wizard was an escapee from the Prison of Elders. Taox has never been seen in Sol, so it is very unlikely that the Reef captured her.

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I remember that theses wanted targets were always there, but only got upgraded to the wanted status after forsaken. Which would mean that the ones from the strikes before forsaken wouldn’t be poe prisoners right?.Can anybody confirm or deny this? Which could mean that bungie just made everything wanted, and didn’t want there to be a difference

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I thought it was Taox when I first saw the name, I didn’t think so after I thought about it for a bit, but it turns out, it might just be her. In the Books of Sorrow, it talks about how fast their people died, which they had a lifespan of about 10 years. The longest living of their species was a mother and they lived “much longer than 10 years.” This means it could be, but is unlikely that, it’s Taox. It also said, “Mothers can fly!” This makes me think of the wizards of the hive which the Osmium Traitor is or what it looks like. So it’s possible that it is Taox, but it’s a stretch.


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