Warmind Controlled Exos?

I have been lurking the Bungie.net forums and recently came across someone saying that there have been cases of Exos being dominated by Warminds such as Rasputin. I have never seen any evidence of this and, when pressed, the poster of that comment did not give any sources. Has anyone here seen that behavior and I just missed it?

Maybe they had exo frames they they used to fill out tasks such as maintenance and other things the Warmind itself couldnt do. Don’t know of any sources though.

I always understood Exos to be sentient but I suppose it is not far of a jump to assume the Warminds might have made use of the Exo bodies without consciousness.

One thing that would mess with this idea is why wouldn’t they just use frames? Maybe they let the exos still kind of think for themselves? Would that make them more effective? I have no clue. Maybe the Warminds were experimenting with the exos? Wouldn’t put it past him.

Are frames as capable physically and computationally as Exos? I want to say no but I’ve no evidence of that. I’m going through the RoI lore to see if maybe there is something there about Rasputin dominating Exos or using them in its conflict with the Lord of Iron.

Well, frames have to be relatively competent because Shaxx’s right hand man is one, Arcite. But it is possible that exos have a higher computing power, because they have to handle a human brain.

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I’m pretty sure that in the original story for Destiny, Rasputin was going to be a Warmind consciousness inside a Exo body, but got scraped like everything else in the original story. But if i remember one of the lines from Lord Salidin during the SIVA outbreak saying that while something controlled the SIVA and other arms to keep the Iron Lords from reaching the replication chamber like Frames(but not Sweeperbot) and other thing they had never scene before.

I recall that as well. One would think they would recognize Exos, though. Felwinter was one, after all.

While we know the partial origin of Exos, I think it is possible that there were actual combat model bodies that could have had a different design then the ones we see and are in game and could have used those if they existed(just a spinfoil hat theory after all).

An interesting hypothesis indeed. Another is that Rasputin could have used Siva to form Exo-like constructs.

Exactly. And for all we know, Clovis Bray could have made the Exo for their military use under the Warmind Rasputin to deploy and use as it saw fit in case of a attack from somewhere. The digitization of a human mind into a machine just something they thought of to get the public backing them. (Spinfoil hat tightening)

You could pull shaky support for that from CB data entries.

Maybe in the form of siva as in the story from iron lords. Other than then I’m not really sure.

Indeed, according to this article https://kotaku.com/the-messy-true-story-behind-the-making-of-destiny-1737556731 the original story of Destiny 1 was supposed to be about rescuing Rasputin, in an exo body, from the hive, specifically from the Dreadnaught. It would then be revealed in later DLC that Rasputing was a warmind controlling the exo. So, yeah, maybe that is the source of people theorizing warminds being able to control exos.

There is a GCard where it seems Rasputin is speaking to the Exo Stranger that might imply Rasputin or even other warminds controlled Exos or something very like Exos.

Rasputin was probably talking to the exo stranger because we think that she is Elsie Bray, and she and Ana worked with Rasputin, so they likely knew each other.

That fits with my understanding. However, it does raise the question of why Rasputin is referring to something similar to Exos as “his.”

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