Warmind Story Hypothesis

There has been a lot of buzz about about Warmind ever since it’s announcement. Along with the hype there have been multiple theories on what it will be about. This post is intended to set straight all the theories into one that will talk about Warmind’s story.

So first things first hypothesis…

My theory is that in Warmind we will be traveling to the Ice Caps of Mars. Specifically to either Rasputin or Charlemenge’s (i hope i spelled that right) Warmind vault. There we will come into contact with legendary gunslinger Ana Bray. The Vault we go to will be the location of the infamous Deep Stone Crypt. after that we will have to do something with the either the Fallen or the Vex to save the Warmind and The Crypt from destruction or corruption (And possibly SIVA).


In the third end cutscene for the Red War campaign we see the wave of light released by the Traveler go by multiple different planets. I believe that each location we see is going to be what the next couple expansions and Taken King style updates will be based. Going off of this i can say with full confidence that because we see Mars and it’s icecaps as the second planet that is where Warmind will be based.

We will see Rasputin/Charlemagne in Warmind for one key reason
[man i thought this would be short but now that i think about it i set myself up for A LOT of typing]
Christopher Barret’s twitter
If you don’t already follow Christopher Barret’s twitter you probably should he is a good place to go for hints and teasers about Destiny 2
One of said teasers was a tweet that read…

[] AURORA RETROFLEX initiated / …

For those of you who haven’t been on youtube already Aurora Retroflex is from a grimoire card called Ghost Fragments:Rasputin 6 quote

"Query: Re-engage population protection objectives. (N) Query: Reset moral structures. (N) Query: Activate defense subroutine AURORA RETROFLEX. (Y)


SITE 6 has been breached by unauthorized users with [O] energy. I am invoking PALISADE IMPERATIVE. [O] lifeforms in restricted areas will be suppressed.

SIVA use authorized. Self-destructs disengaged. Security codes reset. All defenses activated. Frames activated.

This could possibly mean that Rasputin is involved here. Further in the card we see that SIVA use and combat frames have been authorized. For context when the events in this card take place Rasputin is being communicated with for the first time since the collapse by Lord Felwinter. I would believe that AURORA RETROFLEX is a defensive subroutine where the safety of the Warmind is prioritized above anything else. This could mean that either Rasputin is involved in Warmind or Charlemagne is in trouble to the point where she would need to activate AURORA RETROFLEX.

Now my Theory on Ana Bray is a little bit more assumption than it is backed by evidence so bear with me here
The first official picture we had for the second DLC was the picture that was displayed showed the body of what had appeared to be a female hunter (ik that sounds wrong). The internet later confirmed that the Sigil of the Bray Family was on the woman’s shoulder.
(like i said more assumption than evidence but it’s there)

Now for the juiciest part [of the lore] The Deep Stone Crypt
For those who don’t know the Crypt is rumored to be where the first Exo’s were created/where the Exo’s first became conscious. One of the buildings in the reveal art for Warmind looks suspiciously like a concept art of the Crypt. This part of the theory like Ana Bray is more assumption than proof, but i [personally] would love to see The Crypt in Warmind. Reason for this being that The Deep Stone Crypt being where the Exo’s reportedly came from has some HUGE potential for deeply explicit lore about the collapse. As of right now all we have to go off of is the journals of Cayde-6 and those aren’t to reliable because Cayde-6 (being a guardian) has no memory of his past and these journals are only there because occasionally something will happen to jar a stray memory lose.

So that is my theory on what Warmind will be focused on if you have any ideas of your own i would love to hear them.

the youtube videos i was talking about earlier are both from the channel MyNameIsByf both of which are about warmind the first was released about a week ago the other was after Warmind’s announcement


well it turns out that I was wrong about almost everything…

So I am making this edit after the Warmind Reveal-Stream on twitch and it almost flatly contradicts this post.

first off SIVA is not involved. Or Charlemagne. Or the Fallen. Or the Deep Stone Crypt.

What i was right about is as follows…

  1. We are going to the Ice caps of mars. (stream details) specifically the Hellas Basin

  2. Ana Bray is involved. (stream details) She is trying to break into the facility where Rasputin was created to learn more about her past

  3. Rasputin is involved. (stream details) Rasputin is supposedly “awake” and he has been raining Warsats down on the ice caps which are melting as a result of this exposing a new subrace of hive and the facility I mentioned earlier

and now we wait until May 8th

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Rasputin’s Vault is in the Cosmodrome.

It’s possible that he could have something to do with this. Plus in one of the first few missions in vanilla D1 we reconnect him to a satellite array which allows him to be everywhere

It’s been said before, but- as of D1- Ana Bray has been confirmed to be dead. Lakshmi-2 says this during the No Time To Explain quest:

“And now … what? A ring, with the symbol of the Warlock Pujari? Death, again. Like Ana Bray, a Guardian fallen to the second death. Lost to us. We shall study these objects, Guardian. Learn why they have been pulled through time.”

Of course, she could still appear to some degree, or some of the other Bray family members. Barring a retcon, however, Ana Bray herself isn’t likely to be the main figure of DLCII.


It’s also possible that Lakshmi is wrong :slight_smile:

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That’s what I was gonna say, because most people in the tower thought that Osiris was dead up until CoO

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Did they? I don’t think I know of anyone who said Osiris was dead… Everyone thought he was on Mercury.

That’s getting off topic though.

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This on its own isn’t evidence. It’s just your belief.

I think that Luke Smith tweeted something saying that each of the locations shown in the closing cut-scene would be a location that we would visit. THAT would be evidence.

So far in-game we only know for certain about one Warmind, Rasputin, and there are some subtle references to Charlemagne, so this seems like a very safe bet.

Are you referencing one video in particular?

I wasn’t aware of that, could you share more details?

Overall I think that it is incredibly likely that Rasputin will be involved in the Warmind expansion. It would be odd if the only Warmind that we had met wasn’t involved in an expansion called “Warmind”.

While I would love to meet Ana Bray or learn more about the Deep Stone Crypt, I’m not yet personally convinced that these will be in the expansion. I hope I’m wrong, but hope is not enough to persuade me! :slight_smile:


i am referring to two videos from the channel MyNameIsByf (i probably should have cited that sorry)

both of which were about Warmind

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I have no doubt that we will see Rasputin on the icy caps of Mars (at least I am going to be hell of a surprised if not :smiley: ), as it was stated above and in many other discussions that this is a pretty solid information. On the other hand I think it is unlikely that we will see other Warmind like Charlemagne, since in Ghost Fragment: Mysteries, Rasputin himself says that other Warminds are dead/destroyed (link here. Unless I understand it wrong.

What is also interesting that in the very same Grimoire card he talks about how he knows how to beat the Darkness, at least this is how i understand the last sentence: “I am made to win and now I see the way.” So hopefully, if this story is about to be centered around Rasputin, then we might get more info about Darkness itself (well at least a tiny bit :slight_smile:), since it is closer to us than ever before.

while it may be true that charlemagne is destroyed the tower may still have hope that we could reactivate her and that is why we would need to go find her

I am not sure if Vanguard even knows that Charlemagne exists or have even ever existed, since from what I know this Warmind has never been mentioned in-game or in any Grimoire card. From what we know, there has been a Warmind on Mars and maybe it was called Charlemagne. But if what Rasputin says is true, then this Warmind does not exist anymore and only Warmind that can be present on Mars is Rasputin himself, according to the D1 vanilla mission, where the Guardian sets an array and “Rasputin is now everywhere…” (or something like this is said in that mission).