Was Dredgen Yor corrupted by an Ahamkara?

I was reading the last three paragraphs of the card Legends: Rezyl Azzir, and it shows Rezyl (who would eventually become Dredgen Yor, having a bone that could whisper to reveal a jagged purpose. The Thorn is usually described as jagged. Was this an Ahamkara bone that seduced him?

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As far as I know Dredgen Yor was corrupted by grafting bones from a Hive Knight to his gun Rose, but I’d have to double-check that

No, he wasn’t corrupted by an ahamkara, in that the bone that is talked about is the literal material of the weapon thorn, which was supposedly created from the dead worm god, Akka’s skeleton. so not quite an ahamkara but a god all the same

Okay, so, what if he was seduced by an ahamkara to GO to the moon.

As a trophy he grafted hive bone to his gun and it slowly started to corrupt him because hive bone does that

This is the craziest case of space shrooms I’ve ever scene.

As for if he was I would like to point you towards the lore video Byf did of the Last Word and Thorn lore. I would say its his best video personally