Weird cubes on Io

So I was trying to find a stash on Io, I went into this lost sector (aphix conduit) , killed all the vex, and then these cubes appeared. You can shoot them, I get a damage number and then they disappear. The more you run around the lost sector, the more there are of them. They led me to two different places: the room with the vex and the electricity on the wall, and the vault looking thing. Oh and the emit a sonar-like beep every so often.
What are these? What are they doing?



I just entered the conduit and, yes, the cubes are destructible but they respawn shortly afterwards. My guess is that they are shifting vex tech to other places so they can transform Io into a machine world. As for the dead Vex, my guess is that it fell through the hole in the ceiling above it’s dead body, a part of its body became exposed and it died from electrocution because of the (what I presume) electricity on the wall.

Yeh a but then why would we be able to damage them? To me it looks like they are searching for something, with their sonar-like noise. Also, if you don’t shoot them, they keep on spawning to a certain point. Also why would they be leading me somewhere?

This looks interesting Crystal.

Similar idea in the Bay of Drowned Wishes in the Dreaming City. There are dead Servitors that you can destroy

Perhaps they’re related to the new secret area found last month?

These cubes have been around since the start of the game, and I’m pretty sure were in Destiny 1 around Venus. They weren’t tied to any sort of secret as far as I remember, and i don’t think they are now.

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