What are the nine doing with the Drifter?

Everyone wonders what is the Drifter doing with his motes of dark and why does he works with the nine, but take the question the other way : why are the nine helping/working with the Drifter ? What do they gain out of this ?

(Also I barely know anything about the Nine, so that would be great if some extreme lore nerd could explain me a little about them)

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Think about it, the Nine seem to be attacked by Taken. (Obviously a by-product of our unique war with them in the Dreaming City.)
And who seems to be using the Taken? Drifter. And who are the omniscient santa clauses of Destiny? The Nine. So I think they’re gaining insider knowledge on what he [Drifter] knows about the Taken.
At least, that’s what I think.

Very interesting… or the motes could just power his ship :confused: that’s also a possibility. Or maybe he could be a brilliant inventor making weapons powered by these motes? That would be cool.

I believe he’s using the Motes for more Taken. At least, from what I’ve gathered from the Lore.

Hmmm… interesting. He is obviously doing some sort of experiments with these (probably further than what the Nine ask) and it would be very interesting to find out what he is doing. Perhaps he is Shin under an alias -I have heard some speculation and like the idea of it- trying to find out what made Dregden do what he did? Your thoughts?

I don’t think so. The voice of the Drifter and Shin is widely different. With Shin being your rough, gruff Cowboy, and Drifter having a normally higher pitch than Shin.
Along with that, Shin would more than likely shoot himself before going into that.
At least, from what I’ve told.
Besides, that would make the little Gambit lore/book entries seem like a massive case of multiple personalities. I can’t remember details exactly, but do go read them for a bit of confirmation. (Mainly the one where he was about to intervene with the test run of Gambit.)
[Idk how to quote text from Ishtar Collective. So if you can Message me on how, or give a tutorial on it, that’d be great.]

Never heard either of their voices so I didn’t know… meh

They do sound different. You get to hear Shin’s voice when he shoots up the Drifter’s pal in the Malfeasance mission. Shin does sound a lot more cowboy-y.

Haven’t played since Warmind :confused:

why tho mate, pvp still sucks but the game is getting better

Cuz I just haven’t. Been meaning to get back into it but haven’t.

a shame then, would love to see more people on

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