What class is the Drifter?

I was wondering what class the Drifter was, and I couldn’t find anything in the lore. Based on what he wears, he seems to be a titan, but I can’t be sure. Could someone help me figure this out?

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I found the answer to your question I believe.

In Synethesia Orin meets Wu Ming and are having conversations with him. He is very interested in the nine. Later on you can see the Nine are trying to communicate with Orin, telling her that Wu Ming is man named Eli, Dredgen Hope or a man who calls himself the Drifter.

In the Sunbreaker Mark, Wi Mung reqognize Orin and asks if she was ever a member of the Pilgrim Guards. Orin was picked up by the Pilgrim Guards first after becoming a Guardian. You can read that here.

So to sum it up; The Drifter was a member of The Pilgrim Guard.
The Pilgrim Guard was the first Titan Order to protect the citizens.
Dunno but I would believe a Titan Order consist of only… Titans.
Not sure tho :smiley:

Actually this makes former Orin a titan aswell if its true. Cool.

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Drifter is classless. He is not a Warlock, Titan, or Hunter. He’s just Drifter. Classes are social constructs.

Drifter ain’t a Titan. He’s just Drifter.

Also, to comment on the Pilgrim Guard, it seems not only were they the first Titans, but they were also the first to be called Guardians ( Guard -ians ). They also weren’t exclusively Titans (as the concept of a Titan didn’t exist back then) but members had Titan traits and, likely, as the Order became more official and institutionalized they slowly made it mandatory. Here’s an example of a proto-Hunter in the Pilgrim Guard. Back then, it was less that you had to be a Titan, but non-Titans just didn’t fit in and chose to leave.

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Oh ok, thanks for the explanation. Both make sense too; I really hope we get a cutscene sometime in the game showing the Drifter using abilities from different classes. It would also be cool if we could use different class abilities too ( imagine a hunter putting a melting point then melting a boss by themselves using blade barrage).That would be really cool .

While Guardians of different classes using their counterparts’ abilities isn’t impossible, it’s extremely difficult and unlikely. Classes are social constructs, but there’s a reason for those constructs. A Hunter finds it naturally easy to make a Golden Gun, but would find it mind-numbingly hard to make a bubble.

Basically, it’s like math people and book people. Some people are really good at math and enjoy it. Some people hate it with all their guts and would rather write an essay. Same concept.

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But then there is those people who like/can do both…
Uses sentinel shield and shoots over it with golden gun
Now that’s more like it.

But otherwise, yeah, that’s probably why we cant do it because its too much for us to handle.

Would still be nice to be able to do it.

to answer your question crystal the drifter being a rogue light bearer doesn’t make him any particular class. there is a lore tab that I can’t recall the name of where the drifter talks about when he was resurrected by his Ghost and he says he was drawn to space almost immediately after he learned of the world. There are many “Risen” as they are called that are no specific class but may have attributes of such. When it comes down to personality, and the fact that he DRIFTS makes the Drifter like a hunter, but his use of auto rifles and his armor makes him appear as though he is a Titan. Then there’s his knowledge of the Darkness which makes like a less scholarly like Warlock.

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I thought he looked more like a warlock with his duster, but he just does what he wants; go outside the system, study the darkness, salvages old tech and uses it to make his banks to hold exotic energies.

hey im a hunter and if I could get a duster cloak it would be the only thing I wear

If he has a class, at this point, it’s unknown. In the Lore Entry “Potential” from the book Stolen Intelligence Aunor survey’s the drifter when he’s alone in the Annex. His entry is as follows: TYPE: PRAXIC SURVEILLANCE REPORT
PARTIES: One [1]. One[1] Guardian-type, Class N/A [u.1]
ASSOCIATIONS: Gambit, Drifter, Annex

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If the drifter had a class which we don’t know for sure if he did would be a hunter, mainly because the simple fact that he’s a great con artist and trickster which are traits of a hunter however his clothes in destiny 2 don’t make him look so much like a hunter because they look like a cross between titan and warlock he is most likely hunter

I believe in the lore it talks about a Warlock flipping a Green Coin