What do you think about Darkness intention?

Darkness want humiliate the traveler, attracting guardians and other races to his side to prove that Darkness is better? or Darkness want finish once and for all the traveller? ( if is possible?) or something else?

i think that the darkness wants its philosophy to rule across the universe and have an eternal culling and war drenched in inky black darkness while the traveler wants its philosophy to rule and guardians are just lower beings with the same power as them used as pawns in a rivalry that has existed since before the beginning of existence. so i think the darkness is just going to be petty if it wins

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The fight between Light and Dark stems from the conception of the universe. Each of them play a role described as being either the Gardener or Winnower. The Gardener creates and maintains life, while the Winnower clears life to make way for new life. The argument between them is part of the balance, while we are simply tools. We have our own agenda, and we are using our paracausal powers to ensure humanity’s survival. The Darkness wishes for us to use us as a clearing ground to strike the Traveler down. It does not make it good or bad. Death is necessary.

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