What do you think the Nine are trying to do?

Title. Maybe its been answered in the Emissary visits, I don’t know cause I don’t have time to do those.

Basically they are trying to manifest themselves in our realm, but so far their attempts have led to Lovecraftian monstrosities that just end up dying so they just possess people to be their Emissaries that come from all walks of life, most prominence going to Orin, having been a Guardian before she was the Emissary we now know her as.

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I mean other than that, and other than learning.

Oh. They’ve just been doing nothing for the most part then.

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Yeah. I’m wondering what their ultimate purpose is? Oh wait a minuteee… Are we allowed to talk about leaks/rumors? If we are then I think that the Nine might make the enemy race called the Veil… If we aren’t pretend I never said that.

Well if we are talking about the “leaks”. It says that the Veil are actually direct servants of the Darkness. Also the Nine are divided into 2 factions. One of them are trying to study the Traveller and it’s light because the Traveller is one of those few things that can do stuff without an effect prior. The other faction is trying to dabble into the darkness and other sorceries and making these failed creatures that die when they come into our realm. They are trying to understand our rules. My guess is that the rocky planets are studying the Traveller while the gas giants are making these creatures.

Wait the Nine are planets?

Technically they are gaiaforms, a conciousness within a celestial body, but yeah you could say that they are planets. Now It is every planet and the ninth member could be Pluto, if not, the Sun.

Could we possibly get a link to where you found this?

I’m going to want one too.

The Lore Book Dust describes what the Nine actually are.

The entries from that book, The Declaration and The Nine, explain that the Nine are vast minds that exist kind of like shadows of our solar system.

Their hearts were in the cores of worlds, but their farthest streams faded out into the turn of the galaxy.

They were the fountains of Achlys, the night before chaos.

But life arose on the worlds at the heart of the Nine, tiny complicated motions of ecosystems and metabolisms and computations. That life left mass-shadows in the wind of the Nine, plucking at them like harp strings. From these trembles of structure the Nine learned to seed enormous resonating waves, thoughts vaster than worlds.

So the Nine awoke. And in time they understood that they were as fragile as they were mighty; for if the life that seeded their thoughts ever passed away, they too would vanish.

It’s hard to pick particular quotes, I’d recommend reading those two entries in full.


Thanks for the quote Baxter

To me the Vex play a role with the nine as well. Its mentioned the Vex have minds the size of planets the nine play as those minds. The Vex’s overall goal is to simplify the universe to its simplest form ones and zeros so the nine can better exist in our reality.

Not quite. The Vex appear to want to convert the universe in their image, rather than its simplest form of 1 and 0s. Basically, if you know WH40k, they are like Tyranids. Where they want to convert everything to them, and take over the universe by converting it into their image similar to Mechanus (Plane of Existence in RPG games. Basically, a super orderly world of parallel pathways and symmetry/law. Ruled by mechanical entities in a sense.)