What does Jaren Ward have to do with Clovis Bray?

I was just reading the Legacy’s Lament Book, and noticed that the first page was tagged with Jaren Ward.
This confuses me.

Uh…,I am not seeing anything here, could you link the page?

Could it be that jaren ward is one of the Exos mentioned? there are three, besides the Clovis exo: Wen-1, Noe-2, and Mia-9

No, Jaren Ward died as a human. Unless they stored his mind in a memory bank somewhere, and he still lived, somehow, I highly doubt he was ever an exo himself.

It’s also important to remember that Jaren Ward as a Guardian lived in the time of the Last City. The Legacy’s Lament Book takes place long before that, when the vex first invade the system. It could be that Jaren is one of the humans mentioned here, and he was later revived as a Guardian.

Hey, I just read this! This was a bug, sorry. I have fixed it.

kinda disappointing, but thanks