What i have written so far for the saga of seven

File name://Guardian//SEVEN//Warlock

Summary: This file was created for the sole purpose of recording and catologging all information on the guardian anomaly known as Seven for the purpose of study, all in order from beginning to present day

Downloading all data….


Opening all files….


//Transcript of awakening//Earth//Dark age

[A ghost traverses a desert filled with jumpships and space stations while scanning the terrain for any of the long dead to bring back and happening upon a half buried skeleton covered with a blanket of heavy cloth the ghost hovering over the body then engulfing it in light. Jolting back from the dead a jaunt white man that had colorless hair]

Ghost: Hello I’m a ghost more importantly your….

Guardian: Start recording!

Ghost: What?

Guardian: start to record audio and visual information

Ghost: I…. Um what?

Guardian: I know you can do it

[The guardian begins to search through the scrap until stopping at a hatch then turning it to reveal a cache]

Ghost: Alright I am recording, how long should I keep this going?

Guardian: Forever or till I die again

[The ghost hovers to his side and looks into the cache which was nothing besides a backpack,a data core and a simple sidearm]

Ghost: So is this your cache?


Ghost:how do you know?

Guardian: cause

[The sound of engines could be faintly heard]

Ghost: we should leave here soon or scavengers might come here looking for something of value like that data core or maybe your terminal

Guardian:what terminal? I don’t have a terminal in here

Ghost:yes you do

[The Ghost expands releasing a tentacle of light latching onto a tablet and lifting it into view]

Guardian: when did I…. Not the objective right now but we will be looking into it I promise

[The guardian stuffs it into his bag while the ghost scans the nearby jumpship looking for any supplies or technology that could be of use, with the guardian not far behind now sporting a duster and some light clothing]

Ghost: by the way, what’s your name? if you remember

Guardian: I believe it to be Seven or maybe Steve or maybe Stave

Ghost: well I think Seven would fit you nicely, because I found something that would make sense for you to own if you’d had that name

Guardian: what?

[A sparrow with a rounded front and engine, colored white had a large orange “7” painted on the side sat attached to the stand with rust and ware]

Guardian: so be it I’m not going to argue when they give me this cool of a ride

Ghost: who’s they?

[Seven jumped on the sparrow making the old bindings holding it in place creak with resistance, he tried to move it by jumping but it did nothing but shake some old sand off]

Ghost: the bindings have somehow rusted and made an air tight grip to the chassis

Seven: so the stand and the sparrow are one

Ghost: no not necessarily, more like it is a bag with all the air sucked out

Seven: how do I open the bag?

Ghost: we can’t here, we need something to recharge the engine to get it out of here

Seven: or we could try frying off the holdings

[Nothing truly eventful happened during the three hours it took for Seven to learn how to summon solar light (we may skim some details as we could not get his whole life story, he was risen before the term warlords was coined and before humanity got back on its feet)]

Seven: explicit, when the explicit did people actually get good at making theft proof stands. I remember back when these things were brand new and it was super easy to steal one…

[He begins to melt away the metal while bending it]

Seven: … because nobody thought that people would even try to steal it, these things were Expensive, it was crazy people would rent these things and ride off with them or boost them from rich people but both situations were extremely rare as you know it was a time of miracles and peace. So kids were raised in a world like that so why would they steal when they got everything?

Ghost: can I ask some questions? Because I have been more or less been rather accepting of your condition of mind

[The sparrow falls onto the deck of the jumpship making a clang sound]

Seven:Hey look I got it, so what were you saying?

Ghost: Can I ask you about how you remember your past?

Seven:Yes, but let’s do that when we are away from here and on our way to the moon

Ghost: What no!

[The ghost teleports in front of Sevens face]

Ghost: Ok, I just got you and you want to go to a nightmare infested rock. NO!

Seven: What does that mean? A “nightmare infested rock”

[The ghost hovers in stern silence]

Seven:I should really get you a name

[Seven turns the sparrow upright and hold onto it gripping the controls]

Seven: Alright let’s see what this thing can do

Ghost: We are not done with this conversation, but we should get out of here we should go west beyond the skyline we will eventually find ocean then we could ride the sparrow across,as long as it does not lose power we should be fine. As soon as we hit the Americas we should be able to stop by the Clovis bray facility in old Chicago and find us a ship then… we see where it takes us

Seven: ok then to the moon

Ghost: why do you want to go to the moon so bad

Seven:I have something on there which I prefer would be in the hands of yiddith instead mindless hope eater

[The sparrow jumps to life with the engine loud,the ghost disappeared into sevens backpack]

End transcript

Opening file…


//Transcript of exploration of the Clovis bray facility//Old Chicago//Dark Age

[Seven and ghost both try to hack a giant blast door]

Ghost:this is getting us nowhere try your melty thing

Seven:we are not calling it that, we’re calling it my solar burn

[Seven places his hand on the door while lighting up his fingers with light]

Ghost:so once we get our ship should we out it in the orbit of earth and see if we can find any settlements or maybe a camp

[Seven crawls through the blast door]

Seven:no, to the moon with gun in hand and light ablaze. Maybe eat a sandwich or see what’s up with mars. See if I can find an old buddy of mine, see if ishtar has any information of value and then get out of the sol system so I can get to the long slow whisper to put it simply

[The first shot made contact with sevens leg, the second was the killing blow]

Unknown:Г ́·]<>Г¬ ́ ́]<>Г·́¬`´·]

Seven (whisper):ghost… Ghost? Are you there?

Unknown:Г·´¬́ ́ ́¤́·´·¬´··´``¤́···´·¬¬]

Seven:man I need an aspirin

[A fallen vandal sits down while watching a wretch and dreg fight with a Captain,Archon and Kell sit and mumble around a map of the facility]

Seven(whisper):alright this is not going well. Ghost please tell me you are alive

Ghost:yes I am, although stuck in a cage. how demeaning. Do you see a big metal crate with a symbol on it? Please tell me you do

[The dregs sits down looking at seven with wide blue eyes and dagger in hand. It says something and seven understands along with the other fallen]

Dreg: another one of these “dead persons”, do you think it will live again?

Vandal:I shot it near point blank and we have it’s machine, it will not live, now stop worrying

Seven:actually you shot me from about twenty feet away and the first one was a miss now untie me please

[The vandal grabs seven by the collar]

Vandal:it lives that’s impossible and it knows our tongue, dreg bring me my swords,looks like we have a new toy heh heh

Ghost:no! Seven do something or your melty thing

Wretch: how does the “dead persons” know our tongue

Vandal: I do not know but we can find out

Wretch: good idea Randal

[Seven lets out a stomach wrenching laugh]

Seven: your name is Randal THE Vandal Haha

[The Archon steps away from the map and looks at the group and then at seven with a curiosity in its eyes]

Archon: why is this thing still alive, Randal said he saw it die in its own blood

Dreg: it speaks our tongue

Randal: shut up Mitos this thing probably is not worth his time

[Randal eyes seven with bloodlust in his eyes]

Randal: so let’s stop wasting it

[The blade cuts Sevens throat making a warm waterfall drip down his chin]

Ghost:no, not now, not after this search I’ll never find another

Seven:you are really bad at human biology man, you did not cut all the way through to my windpipe

[A spear is shoved through sevens side]

Seven:nope sorry did not feel a thing

[The dreg slits Seven across his eyes]

Seven:ok that hurt

[Seven pulls his hands from his back waves at Randal]

Ghost:alright fun is over. Get me out of here

Seven:hold on ghost

[The spear is torn out of his side and is shoved in his abdomen]

Seven:God you guys suck [coughs up blood] so bad at killing [coughs up blood] humans I mean you stabbed and sliced me in extremely vital [coughs up blood] spots and I’m still alive [laughs]

Archon:what kind of “dead persons” are you

Seven: the kind that can make deals

[Seven smiles and the captain gets the Kell to come over]

Seven:finally the person in charge, I think

Kell:I am the house of dusk Kell,what do you have to offer

Seven:how about a way to get the biggest score in the system and some new digs, plus a little bit of a finders fee?

[The fallen sits down in front of seven for long enough the others sleep]

Kell: fine, I accept your offer “dead persons”. What do you want in return? Something this great can not be for free

Seven: all I want is my freedom and my ghost, along with a ship and you’ll be part of the biggest houses that ever will be, I swear to yiddith

Kell:what do we need for this plan of yours?

Seven:access to that facility

Mithos: how can we trust you “dead persons”

Seven: I don’t know

[Seven is cut free and his ghost is released from its cage, teleporting to seven and healing him]

Seven: we will continue this discussion at sunrise

[Seven falls into the ground snoring]

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btw, uh seven remembers his past and has weird not space magic powers idk