What i think will happen to the Fallen in the next Annual Pass

First, credit to Byf on Youtube for making this video

I love his Lore content and really liked that video for the possibilities for the future.

So, first off in this post this is just theory, so don’t quote me for this.

I believe that at some point during year 6 for the Destiny franchise, we will at some point have to deal with a Fallen holly war of identity of what they want to be. In his video, Byf pointed out how disjointed the Fallen are in the Sol system, with a page from the “Stollen Intel” lore book(earned by leveling up with Vanguard tokens) that there are a lot of splinter cells for all the Fallen we know of currently, including the Scorn, and the first major play we’ve scene from the new House Devils was during the Zero Hour mission when the current leader tries to steal Siva back from the vaults of the Cryptarchy which i believe would be replicated from the Outbreak we get at the end of the mission. We also have the somewhat new House of Light formed by Mithrax, the Fallen we spared in one adventure(can’t remember the name) and helps us slightly in said mission above.

Currently, there are five major powers, or at least leaders for the Fallen right now:

Fikrul, AKA The Fanatic: Current leader of the Fallen sub-species currently identified as the Scorn that is able to bring himself back from the dead by unknown mean, and also resurrect other Fallen into his ranks and seem to be the most aligned with the Darkness out of all the Fallen houses

Variks the Loyal: Last scribe of the House of Judgement that lived through the Whirlwind back when Fallen were known as Eliksni, and believes that to restore greatness for their race they must remember their traditions of old, and sees himself as the Kell of Kells, a legend for Eliksni where one Kell would rise above the others and lead their race.

Mithrax, Misraaks, the Forsaken: A Captain that was spared by a Guardian and seemed to start working with Guardian operatives around the time of the death of Cayde-6, and has two known allies that work with him. He is also the self proclaimed Kell of Light, that has aligned himself with the Traveler, not necessarily humanity but sees a alliance possible between the two races.

(still more to add)

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Hmm… so you’re saying… Twilight Gap… but with a whoooole bunch more Fallen under one banner? (Can’t watch the video as of now so I could be way off with either of these guesses…) Or… peace WITH the fallen?

the mission is called ‘The Enemy of my Enemy’

It implies a couple of Allied (our side) fallen houses with House of Light and House of Judgement (reborn)

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Hm. Allied does technically mean peace (though maybe only temporary). And the House of Light makes me think that they are gonna try and reconnect with the Traveler…

yeah Mithrax is a nice dude even helped some guardians find some stuff in the tangled shore

Gasp Elinski guardians maybe??

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Maybe after witnessing the House of Light defend it, the Traveller will deem them as Eliksni that are worthy of the Light. Bet that’ll convince the other Fallen Houses to follow them.


That would make sense except this was made today.

exactly; just being weird, you think?

I guess we can ask baxter.

Halo 3

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What do you mean “Halo 3?” XD

We teamed with the Covenant. They look look like Fallen. So… HALO 3

Ah. Mk. I didn’t play the early Halo games (or any before Halo 5 really…) so I didn’t know about that.

oof. Bungie’s Halos are the best. They were the good days of gaming when you always got a full game.

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