What I TRULY Miss From D1

I know that a lot of us yearn to go back to the D1 days where we had G-Horn, Self-Rez Warlocks, actually useful bubbles, and elemental primaries. I think what I absolutely miss the most is the grimoire from killing a boss. I want to feel an accomplishment when I kill a boss, not some obstacle that gets thrown in my way and I easily destroy it. I personally feel that bosses should have a background. Take for example Protheon, Modular Mind. All we know is that the Cabal were mining to get to it to use it for its own purpose (don’t be afraid to correct me, I don’t want to spread misinformation.) There is so much to do with this boss. Not only in name is it similar to Atheon, but also in appearance. But nope we just dismiss it and we kill it easily. Now to be clear I don’t want grimoire to return I’ll tell you that. But I think there should be a category in Lore named “Bosses” and in that section, there are subsections named “Taken”, “Scorn”, “Fallen”, “Hive”, “Cabal”, and “Vex”. I know it would take Bungo a lot of time to just do one of these sections but my idea is that they should start off with the big ones such as raid bosses and strike bosses. Then they go to story mission bosses. Then, if they really are determined, they can do lost sector bosses, Adventure bosses, arena bosses, and Free roam bosses.