What I understand of the new competitive playlist system

So i’ve Been playing some competitive and I think besides the changes of the playlist setup i’m Not sure but as far as i’ve Seen it’s possible you may or may not be able to be brought down to a previous rank. Also if you lose matches you lose rank progress much slower than before shadowkeep

This is all correct and addressed in a TWAB or three.

Originally before I thought you could only not go below fabled if you lost glory

I must have missed that part in your post. AFAIK, that still holds. Have you seen otherwise?

No, also I figured out that you can’t go down rank at all (only down between ranks) because when I went back down to the start of brave II i noticed I didn’t go below it

Yes. According to Bungie, each rank up to Fabled acts as a “floor” that you cannot go below once surpassed. After Fabled though, you can go back down from rankes achieved above Fabled.

Oh ok 20 characters meep