What is the Formless One?

So while I was reading through some lore for one of the already existing topics, and I was wondering if anyone had any more info on it then what was on the “Grasp of Eir” card.
(Here’s the link if anyone wants it: https://www.ishtar-collective.net/items/grasp-of-eir)

Hmm, could it possibly be “The Deep”. Kinda like in Book of Sorrows where they went into the depths of the Osmium sea to the “Formless One” who could be like Ahamkara/Worm Gods?

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That’s kind of what I thought it might be, maybe an entity that is the oppisite of the Traveler? Or maybe something else?

Okay, I have heard this theory before (well I say theory but it’s more so an idea) in a post that was going to be the Destiny “Bible” of sorts. I am (of course) editing this a tad bit, but I believe that it is the being that is over both sides. “The Formless One” is the one who created the Deep and the Sky. The Dark and the Light. The God of the Destiny universe. To it, this is all just an overly elaborate TV show. At least that’s how I see it.

The Formless one seems to be a sort of term relating to the Darkness. This is the text from Grasp of Eir:

At the beginning, they stood in thrall of the Formless One, and they offered themselves to its depth.

This echoes IX: The Bargain, where the Princes originally struck their deal with the Worm Gods (Eir included). It could also be a reference to the creation of the Worm Gods themselves, given Yul’s statement that they were “[trapped|growing] in the Deep” for millennia, but we have so little information about their origins that that’s mostly guesswork.

In VIII: Leviathan, the Leviathan equates the Formless with the Darkness:

++We live on the edge of a war—
—a war between Formless and Form++
++between the Deep and the Sky—

And there’s an item description from TTK that has the Princes choosing a pact with the Worm Gods as synonymous to a pact with the Formless One/Darkness:

They had a choice. They chose the hunger. They chose the Formless One. They chose the Worm Gods.

Given the context in which it’s used, especially within the Books of Sorrow, I’d say it’s a term similar to the Darkness, though not fully equivalent.


Thanks for that erin, I appreciate you going and finding all of this.

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So, I am somewhat right in assuming the Formless one is possibly one of the creatures from the Hive Arcana/Books of Sorrow?