What is the X in Act|choose|react

Does any one know what the X is in the Lore Tab of the title

I have no idea. There is no path to GOTO M in the entire entry. But we can see what act M is because we aren’t confined to the rules laid out in this entry anyway. Act M tells us when we reach 100 points, to go to X, but there is no X, as far as we can see.

So, my guess is, just as we do not play to the rules set out in this entry and are able to see all possible acts in this entry, there might be someone or something out there that is able to see all possible acts in all possible entries, eventually leading them to X.

That’s just me thinking out loud though, I have no idea. The Vex are complicated enough, but this Vex-Hive-Taken fusion of knowledge and laws and logics go waaaayyy over my head.

Maybe someone else has a better answer.


what I’m thinking here is that in later lore entry’s there may be a continuation of this. Speaking of possible paths I REALLY want to see a 999 light level true ending of dreaming city it would be crazy if that the truth to the dreaming city is blocked by light/power level. who knows if we even get the ending to the dreaming city in 2019 we might just get the ending in 2020 when we actually reach 999.
I was just sorta shooting in the dark here but who knows.

Well unless we get another huge expansion with a +249 power increase after penumbra, it would take a while to get to power level 999 seeing that bungie has said that every single annual pass dlc will only have a +50 power increase, bringing us at 750 power after Penumbra.

Your right but doesn’t hurt to dream for UNLIMITED POWER:zap::zap::zap::zap::fire::cyclone::snowflake:

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That be cool for sure. Maybe if we get a Destiny 3 we can do it in that, or if bungie turns Destiny 2 into a continually evolving game. Imagine the day when bungie removes the power level cap on guardians and we can just grind to like 10k power.

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That would be absolutely amazing!!!

X pops up in Tyrannocide I a couple of times:

Mara’s death began in this mark:


She had dreamt a thought of absolute simplicity and perfection, and the thought had become a tooth and bitten her. It had left a wound shaped like


Injection also starts with an X:


Eris Morn’s body twitches and folds.

act|choose|react comes directly before Injection in the release order of Truth to Power. And given that the only ‘points’ in act|choose|react come from the game with Eris, who turns into Dûl Incaru in Injection, I think it’s fair to assume the ‘X’ we sought is the scenario that happens in Injection.