What is wrong with Rasputin?

Rasputin has always been one of my favorite characters yet, I don’t understand one thing. Why do many characters (especially Zavala), dislike/distrust Rasputin? Rasputin initiated the Ikelos subroutine which arms guardians, he responded by giving us the Valkyrie, and from my understanding, he vowed to protect humanity (on his own terms) at the end of Warmind. What I’m trying to say is that Rasputin seems to be on our side. So what is it that makes certain people not like him?


Rasputin’s only aim is to protect Earth but it doesn’t involves Last City. If he has to sacrifice Traveler and Tower to save humanity, he definitely will. And after losing to darkness without scoring a point and losing he became mad. And in the end of Warmind dlc he stated that he’ll protect sol sistem his own way

I’m not sure if angry is the word I’d use. Maybe frustrated? The lore is kind of ambiguous about any kind of emotion attributed to Rasputin.

Sorry instead of “mad” i meant “crazy” or “paranoid”

Those are good words to describe it.

Well I recently got the Comic book collection and on one of the pages, Rasputin talks about “recalibrating moral codes” almost as if he’s struggling with an internal conflict between morality and logic… and I understand what you guys are saying but I think the Vanguard should notice that in his own way he’s trying to protect humanity and work WITH him not just dismiss him.

Oh, definitely. Your use of the comics raises an question, at least for me: What do we think of the comics with regard to the Official Canon? I’ve heard rather mixed reviews on Bungies forums which make me question their veracity.

In my honest opinion they are almost perfect sources of reference in regards to the canon lore. What I’ve noticed is, the comics’ purpose is to fill in the blanks. Like, Ana Bray and Warmind for example. It tells and shows what she did after twilight gap, then during the Red war, and you realize what the whole argument between her and Zavala was about then it leaves us with what we know already from the game. Osiris and sweeper boy ate the same concept, haven’t gotten to Caydes six yet.

That is a logical way of looking at them. I can get behind that approach.

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