What Makes the Gjallarhorn So Powerful?

Speculation Inbound!

I was recently reading through the Destiny TimeProject, and came across a part stating this:

Feizel Crux, one of the founders of weapon manufacturer Crux/Lomar, personally crafts the mythical rocket launcher Gjallarhorn from the armor of those that fell as tribute to their valor and sacrifice.

Before we continue, let us talk about a simple idea that has been around since Destiny Vanila. Does our armor get infused with light? If you think about it, weapons can be infused with light, so why not armor?

If you follow what I am saying above, is the Gjallarhorn so powerful only because of the fact that it was crafted from the armor of those Guardians who has fallen in battle?


I may be wrong, but our Light levels go up the more powerful our armor gets, right? So our armor would indeed be infused with Light. However, the efficiency and damage done by the Gjallarhorn could also be credited at least in part to the engineering prowess of Feizel Cruz.
But it absolutely makes sense that the weapon could be powerful because of the Light from the recycled armor.


I agree, I think our armor is infused with light, the stronger we get (via Level ups) our armor and weapons get more light.

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Just for reference, this is the Grimoire card that they are referring to:


Good theory but I disagree! Gasps of shock
I personally think that Gjallahorn is powerful because of the Wolfpack rounds, high impact, etc.
By which I mean: It’s powerful because it was built well.
I mean: Think of the Touch Of Malice or Outbreak Prime.
EXTREMELY effective and powerful weapons however they are plagued with Darkness(OB Prime, not really but you get my point).
(P.S Necrochasm is evil but not that powerful :joy:)

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