What Most Destiny 1 and 2 players need to be doing

hello everyone. I am Making this because i had an argument with a person who was a higher light than me and had a problem with what i was doing. Now i would at least like one person to comment because this made me super angry. so it all started when i ran a 320 kings fall raid with a few little lights (around 300 to 360). I was invited into a party with my brother and i because we both play the same game and were pretty much the same level (390). so she told us to stop helping everyone and help myself. Now this really ruffled my feathers so i said “if i were to just drop my friends to go do a 390 raid then im not helping anyone but myself” (and i understand that was the whole point…me getting a higher light). because how i see it, my team knows how to do every raid on easy and hard including wrath just not challenge mode. I feel really happy when my friends get all the loot they wanted or if they get no loot at all and they scream into the mic (PlayStation am i right lol) but in the end i feel really good helping out a few of the newer people. and if i can get them a high enough light to do 390, Then we can raid to are hearts desire. Now this is a message to everyone who may or may not be reading this but if there is a guy on your team who has never done a raid help him out and have your team carry or hell. Even make them a member of your raiding team, but just don’t flat out kick the guy (unless he is way to low or if you have a guy already coming basic stuff yk). Also if any of you are a light above 320 or 330 send a friend request to my PSN on my profile and yeah. if you have lasted this long…thank you for hearing me out and maybe your opinion on it because you guys are chill and i trust you for honest answers.

Im sorry. I don’t really understand what you mean?

Are you saying that people need to stop inviting you to parties so you can play with your friends? You don’t have to join them ya know…

I got invited to raids all the time but I didn’t immediately say yes, especially if I wanted to play with friends instead. Just ignore the party invite.

oh no this was one of my long friends who ended up just saying i was wrong for helping lower lights just because she wanted to do a 390 raid when i had plans with my lower light buddys
i was tired when i made this so im wishe washe

Ah okay, so your friends want you to play with them, but you wanted to help low lights.


Well I’m not a Destiny psychologist, but here’s my take. You do you. Who cares what your friends want, you’re on Destiny to have fun and shoot baddies with space magic. If it’s fun for you to help weaker Guardians on King’s Fall (great raid btw), then do that. If your friend is forcing you into a King’s Fall/WoTM/VoG/Crota’s End run, that’s her problem for making you do what you don’t want to do, and not yours. Now in the community I don’t notice this kind of forceful push to play with friends, but I believe you and if this persists you should talk it out with this Guardian or just unfriend them. If they pester you after you unfriend them, block them.

sure thing and thank. also im pretty sure i sent you a friend request on ps4 im not sure. godzilla103…something another i forgot lol

Oh that’s you? I’ll accept it later today. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want I’ll play crucible or whatever you want with you in about 4 hours ok?

sure thing im on man. i play destiny 1 btw i have 2 but im meannnnnn im not a fan of it, but i will play.

Alright sounds good. Now let’s use the PSN chat instead, I think Ishtar is starting to get a little bit filled up.

I would play D1 with you but I don’t have that on PS5. I have it on PS3 and I don’t wanna buy all the expansions and go through with it again.

alrighty d2 then sounds good