What race is Shaxx?

Also can Savathun even shape shift?

Probably, i mean she’s a god of trickery so I wouldn’t be surprised

I mean, if you think about it, the crucible is a very similar concept to sword logic. The binary phoenix that represents the crucible symbolizes us being destroyed, learning from our mistakes, and rising from the ashes in competition. Very similar to the Hive’s version of “Love is War”. I don’t believe Shaxx is a Hive god though.

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The fact that you actually made something out of me posting stupid jokes is impressive.

Hmm, looking back on this, I’ma just call it and say he is human, he has a slight Kentucky accent (my friend has one so I would know) and he just seems like a human, because awoken don’t really like war, exos are just well, you get the idea he loves to fight as do the rest of the humans.

well the human, exo and awoken voices are all slightly different, most exos you will recognize on voice due to their telltale slightly robotic (as if its coming from an ever so slightly muffled voice recorder) sound (Cayde and Banshee), the awoken I remember (its been a while since I’ve been to the Dreaming city) have a slight echo (Mara) or a silky smooth voice (legit everyone else) and humans just kinda sound… well… normal (for us at least) so by voice alone Shaxx is probably a human.