What were the Vex Worshipping in the Black Garden? (And is it a Taken Blight?)

What I’m talking about
So, I was reading the lore card for the Sol Progeny, as per my look into the Vex. And there were a few things I noticed.
One, remember what the Black Garden’s Heart looked like? Now look at the D1 Taken Blights. What if, and this is a spinfoil theory, they were worshipping a Taken Blight, and that is why the Garden was originally dark (In terms of lighting, similar to the Ascendant Plane and basic Effects when you are near a taken blight) and it got bright.
I dunno. It’s been on my mind a bit, and it makes me wonder if they, having connections to Oryx originally (Well, Crota, originally. But they still fought against Oryx.) [[Crota opening a wound to the Vex. Battle against Vex.]]
So, is it possible the Vex not only created the Black Garden as a place of Worship, but maybe a place to attempt to understand this power of the Taken King, just like Quira had?

Another thing to add. in the card The Black Garden, it is said that the Sol Progeny were trying to unlock secrets of a Vault that they were meant to bring forth.
(Is it possible that this Heart was what they were worshipping in order to gain a very real form of Time Travel? Or were they trying to learn of it, to learn of Sword Logic, and thus get back home?)
In the lore Card for both the Templar and Atheon, we can see that the Vex might want to move themselves from the Vex (Sol Progeny goal) in order to wield their powers outside of the Vault? (Atheon’s card suggests they want to weave themselves into the Laws of Reality so that they may gain power. So if they could do that. The Templar could will the realities of the Oracles into our own. Making massive leaps into the conversion of our universe. And Atheon, being similar to a Planetary mind, would lead the Templar, being an Axis Mind, to convert Venus, then every other planet.)

[[EDIT-More context/Brain Food

We call it the “Black Heart.” It is a form of the Darkness. The Sol Divisive is a group of very religious Vex that found the Black Heart. Ikora had a theory that the Black Heart was a being so beyond comprehension, that the Vex saw no other choice than to worship it. The Sol Progeny are the vex that the Black Heart possess to protect itself from danger.

Hope this helps!

Where is called the Black Heart? And where is this info from? I only remember is being referred to as “The Heart of The Black Garden”? Do you have sources?

The Destinypedia.

There is also concept art called Black Heart Concept.

OK. Just wanted some source.

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No problem. I should’ve added a source anyway. My bad.

Yes, but that begs the question,
What is the Darkness, exactly.
Also, do you have any comments on my theories as to what it was though? Because yes, we know that the Vex, the Taken, and the Black Garden’s Heart were all forms of the Darkness, and yes, I know what the Sol Divisive are, but that doesn’t exactly do much.
We know like the name and everything, but what do you think it’s possible relationships are to the rest of the Alien Races in Destiny? Do you think it’s from the Taken King? From the Hive?

Okay, this personally, is something I ask myself a lot. Being an Undertale fan… well I have a bit of a merciful mentality to me. But I am not stupid. I know which races are possible allies and which will not ever be able to be made peace with.

The Darkness is basically anything humanity dislikes/opposes us and/or the Traveler, but personally I think we should change that. The Darkness should be (in my opinion) the races that are truly evil, that can’t EVER be reasoned with. The Hive being the prime example.

The Fallen are not truly evil, in fact we are evil to them. To them we stole their “Great Machine.” I don’t know if peace can be made but it is sure as hell gonna be a lot easier than the Vex or Hive. The Fallen are more misunderstood (Cabal are somewhat similar but whatever).

It’s up to us how we perceive our world.

Also, wasn’t there that one time where people thought that Dreg’s would sometimes say, “The Darkness!” And make a very terrified scream as they ran off?
I think “The Darkness” is exactly how you say it. Just something someone came up with the to clump all the enemies together. Then again, we don’t know.
Like, the Vex/Hive/Taken are all pretty tight knit. (Or as the Drifter would say, they were all Wheel Horses) So could it be possible that the Black Garden’s Heart was from the Hive, and they were trying to worship in order to understand it, just as the Hive worship their own gods?

I’d say this is quite likely, as the Vex have been shown to worship before (see Quria in the BoS). IT seems to be a way to try simulating paracuasal acts or to gain power, which is why Quria initiated “worship protocols” whilst fighting Oryx.

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Yup now we know the darkness is like literally the Traveler’s opposite, like the Lore says

Well either way it’s been a while since I’ve been here and this place is as dead as ever