What's up with these Zones?

I’m not talking about zones in the Crucible. We know what those are and we know (according to Shaxx) that they are our lives. What I’m talking about are places like the European Dead Zone. What got me wondering what exactly the zones mean is when I noticed that the flavor text for the Red Moon Phantom Hunter armor [https://www.ishtar-collective.net/items/red-moon-phantom-mask?highlight=red+moon+phantom] mentions something called the “Saharan Contested Zone”. So, I was thinking, “Dead Zone” means a place humanity has lost control of (like the EDZ is overrun with Fallen) and a “Contested Zone” is a place being fought over for humanity to take back. So, what I’m wondering is: is that correct or not? Or do we not really know? (There’s a reasonable chance this has been gone over already and I’ve missed it, don’t know a lot of lore)

So the very first guess is that it’s contested with larhe scale battles but it seems wrong cause we would know about it. But I have another one. We can call zone “contested” if it’s controlled by different forces and stabilised. If it controlled by different Warlords for example.

Yeah, I suppose we would know if there is large scale activity going on else where. Your theory makes sense, but I’m not sure if the Warlords are still around or not. But, since “contested zone” was for the armor, it could still be referencing a time when there were Warlords, so that could still fit. Thanks for replying!

This seems to be from when Warlords were around because of the phrasing of it. This person didn’t know about the guardians and didn’t know about how ghosts can revive people. If this was close to the time frame in the games, people know about this sort of stuff. So it’s entirely possible that it’s Warlords.

Yeah, it makes sense if it is from the time of the Warlords, in fact, I think other flavor texts for different parts of the armor mention Warlords.

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