Where did Oryx come from?

I guess i am asking, “who is Oryx’s mother?”… We all know who Oryx is but do we know from whom he came from ?


There was no reference of Oryx’s mother in the game or Books of Sorrow. He know his father was the Osmium King and his sister’s Savathun and Xiva Arath, but past that we don’t know.


In my opinion he could be descended from any mother. It doesn’t matter who he was to the guardians but who he has become.

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Oryx’s “mother” could have been the Osmium King for all we know.

What about the Matron of Oryx from Destiny 1?

There are multiple meanings to Matron. One of the meanings is a supervisor of children. And we killed the Matron with Daughters of Oryx in the Blighted Coven mission. So the Matron title could just mean she was the watcher of the two daughters in that mission

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Dark Mirror gives some good background on the 3 heirs to the Osmium King.

Rather, the Books of Sorrow, you mean.

Oryx’s mother was probably a nobody. They are very insect like, except instead of a Queen they have a King. So it’s reasonable to assume that Oryx’s mother was just some random Mother that the King lay with. If you’re talking about the mother in Oryx’s life rather than the biological birth mother, then that role probably would go to Taox. She was his teacher since birth and probably had the most interactions with him. Taox is also likely the character symbolized by Osana in the analogy-of-family the Oracle Engine gave Mara.

Ummmmm I thought that Toax was his mother. Am I wrong? Help a guardian out.

Taox was their teacher


I was operating under that she was a brood-mother, though I remember that teacher seems to fit her job well

Wasn’t she like… infertile or something?