Where do the Cabal get their Tech? [Minor Spoilers]

So there are spoilers only if you haven’t played the mission 1AU. Also, there are some raid spoilers. Other than that, this post is relatively spoiler free.

Starting off, if you’ve played 1AU, you know that the Almighty is devouring Mercury to distort Sol’s magnetic field to cause a supernova. But the question is, how did they get the tech to do that? Do the Cabal have some kind of industry on their planets that they captured?

My personal theory is the Psions, specifically the Psion Flayers. As we know from the Dust Palace Strike, the Flayers are powerful enough to ‘tangle with Rasputin.’
We know that the Psions are also not Cabal. Maybe they were into tech and mechanics.

Another powerful Cabal machine is the World-Eater, which is also Calus’s ship. The Leviathan, also the site of the raid.

Also just to clear my own doubts if anyone has the answer: In the final story mission where you defeat Ghaul, and that burst of light travels out of the galaxy (or is this from a different cutscene) the trianglular ships below respond by heading to our Solar System. Which is the Leviathan?

or this:

Does anyone have any ideas?

This is a great question! I have no idea haha. But I will mention that in Vanilla, when we first encounter the Cabal, we are told that they blow up planets just for getting in their way. So this doesn’t seem to be their first rodeo with this kind of tech.

Allllllsssooooo…I definitely think this tidbit about Mercury is why the next expansion is Osiris #justsayin