Where do you want Destiny to go?

There was a topic in the past about what you want to see which you can put that in if you want, but I am seeking more so from a lore and story stand point. What is it you want to see happen and Bungie do? Is there some sort of theory or fan made creation you’d like to see implemented? What improvements can be made to make a boring and insignificant part of the game more interesting and integral part of the game? Leave your thoughts below, I love to see other’s ideas and sometimes want to help them expand upon it and I am sure other users are the same as well.

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I guess I would love to explore more of the mysteries of the world that the Traveler brought to our system. The Anomaly on Luna, Never-Be mosaic. There are so many interesting little places I’d love to go around and explore, theorize about.

Personally, I’d like to see a more engaging, interactive, and deep story. Which hopefully they can devote more resources to now that Activision is out of the picture. But who knows? Along with that I would like to see bigger PvP (and PvPvE) situations and more implementation of Clans into the game, like Clan Wars and Warzones. More things like Gambit except more people on each team, and the players always being on the same field.

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I’d like to see multiple patrol zones per planet, as well as to actually be able to pilot my ship.

I doubt we’ll see that, but it’d be nice ^^

i was thinking as having your ship as a mini private space where you could store stuff in the vault choose where you want to go, have a radio or holo map to easily access story and major missions

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That would be something really cool to add into the game.

Along with what @Jubi is going with, I’d like to see something where there might be something like what EA did with Battlefront II with all the AI in the game with you along with a bunch of teammates but make the AI be Fallen or something along those lines.

Gameplaywise, I want bigger vehicles for my fireteam. Something warthog-like me and a couple of buddies can smush baddies with and move together in patrol.

Please don’t present this as fact. We don’t know for certain that we’ll be allied with the Fallen or the Cabal, or that there will be a race called the veil.


ahh sorry mate, no spoilers?

It’s not that they’re spoilers, it’s that they’re unsubstantiated. If any reliable source had confirmed then I’d probably feel differently. Also this is getting off-topic. If you have more questions please DM me :slight_smile:


I feel like we should be able to wander around and learn the secrets/mysteries of that one sacred city on Io, I can only wonder what is down there hopefully it hasn’t been taken by the Taken.

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I would like to see more events like the allegiance quest, but they would have a more important effect on the story.

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Yeah, I would love to see just flat out bigger events that are more integral to the story. As well as something that is more like a real life situation than a video game, like terrain that has lasting damage delt to it. Or bigger PvP situations on larger maps, something like Warzone in Halo 5 is what I am looking at.

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I would like the dlcs and annual passes to actually be dlc material, I loved forsaken because it made me feel like I did when I first started the campaign, I found myself searching for secrets, having boss fight that were actually challenging and exploring one of my new fav public spaces, to top it off they also got a raid in there and an endgame public space filled with lore and activity

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I felt the same way but with the Activision split they have less resources thus making them have to tone down the game a bit

Also I just want to go to pluto maybe that’s where some other hive gods are