Where is Saint-14?

Saint-14’s last known location was on his way to Mercury to find Osiris. Could Saint-14 have found Osiris and joined him in his efforts in whatever Osiris is doing?

Saint-14 is known to head for Mercury to seek out Osiris and Mercury is a known local that Osiris has spent at least a meaningful amount of time on. Could have Osiris seen Saint-14 coming and persuaded him to join him. The two characters have shown at least a general respect for one another. Saint-14 has gone to even recommend him to be the Warlock Vanguard. Referring to him as a “pragmatic warlock” taking a liking to his taking the fight to the Darkness approach. Perhaps he when he got to Mercury he found Osiris. Perhaps he found a new, more effective way to uphold his duty to the Last City. Osiris may have shown him what real threats there are to the City and a better way to protect it from the Shadows. We already know that Saint-14’s position that it is necessary to take the fight to the enemy is something that he and Osiris share. They both fought at Six Fronts are willing to fight. Is it too unreasonable that they couldn’t join forces.

It has widely been believed that in the card The Queen 2 that the two figures in the card that meet with The Queen were Eris and Osiris but I believe that the bright figure is actually Saint-14. Saint-14 is shown in both the grimore and in the game that Saint-14 has a sort of blinding light about him. As shown in his Helm and in the Order of the Lost Saint mark where Paean states that “His light cast no shadows” Perhaps after working with Osiris he was sent to meet with The Queen to warn of the coming of Oryx


I doubt it would be Saint-14. But you aren’t wrong either. It could be so.

Until we receive further information I think it is plausible. I think Saint-14 could have joined Osiris and I think it would make sense for Osiris to send someone else to meet with the queen. It also appears that it wasn’t a disciple of Osiris so it may be Osiris or Saint-14. Sadly this is still in spinfoil realm.

I don’t personally believe that it was Saint-14 that visited the Queen.

Your theory is definitely possible, but it is also unprovable at the moment.

What little information we have about Saint-14 suggests that he seemed incredibly loyal to the Speaker. Not even to the City, but to the Speaker himself. It is definitely possible that Osiris persuaded Saint-14 to join him, but it’s also possible that Saint-14 was killed trying to stop Osiris, and it’s also possible that Saint-14 was delayed by some other crisis on his way to get Osiris… etc.

As you probably know, I am very skeptical. :slight_smile: I will always believe in the simplest possible explanation until I have enough information to think otherwise, and I think the simplest explanation is that Saint-14 was unable to capture Osiris and is stuck (or dead) on Mercury.


To add onto that, transported through a Vex gate and is stuck somewhere. But yes, Occam’s razor takes precedence.

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True, few of the theories that can be created can not be proven in its current state. The question that this raises is where is: “Is there a Titan working behind the scenes to help protect the city?”. The Hunters have Eris, The Warlocks have Osiris (Tolland being assumed dead or locked in the ascendant realm), and The Titans have well possibly no one. I wouldn’t think that Bungie would leave out a class when it comes to having powerful characters that have a large overarching effect on the plot. Saint-14 is really the only Titan that we know of that would seem to be in a position to influence the plot. The only other Titan that really we know of that are alive are known to have some significance are Holborn and Ouros. Both are only mentioned a small amount in game and in the grimore. So if it is Osiris that met with The Queen the question would be is there a Titan that is in the background manipulating things for the benefit of the Last City?


I’d like to learn more about Holborn. He seems to be the kind of guy who’d take anyone into his fireteam.


Holborn has the most chill out of any character I think we’ve seen.

I’m going to again point to the “Osiris’s time traveling army” theory for another possible explanation for Saint-14’s disappearance, especially given the fact that they were friends. If you’d like some extemporation on their relationship and the Battle of Six Fronts, in which they both participated (and Osiris was said to be “everywhere at once” that day) check out Myelin’s other main Osiris video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wHkbkTIync