Where IS Uldren?

Uldren’s been out in the wilds for a loooong time. What could he be doing ? Surely he knows by know about his situation and all. I actually think he may become a renegade Guardian or maybe even a Shadow of Yor, since he HAS been playing a lot with the darkness before dying… I know he doesn’t remember, but he might still have it in him. I haven’t read the leaks for season of Opulance so please no spoilers, but he might be coming back then as our major vendor of the expansion (Maybe as a vilain again but that’s really unlikely). I think he might be tied with the Nine or even the Fallen (After all, when was the last time the Fallen got themselves a DLC around them, the Scorn definitely not counting and the Siva Fallen maybe being put aside ?)
Would love to hear y’all thoughts on the subject, cause the lad has got to be preparing something, or else surely Pulled Pork would have brought him to the Tower by now (Now that I think about it, he probaly thinks its a bad idea…)

Last true fallen dlc was house of wolves

Uldren doesn’t remember anything, so technically he could be anywhere, doing anything. If he ever returns to the tower, he would be forced to become the Hunter Vanguard, due to Cayde-6’s Hunter Dare. This also means that we would have to give up the Ace of Spades to Uldren (from Cayde’s Will).

So, chances are that probably won’t happen.

Honestly, anything’s possible. He could literally destroy his own Ghost on accident and become mortal forever.

I’d have to disagree on that. Because the DLC was, in fact, centered around the Fallen using SIVA. Along with that, the Raid was centered around them using SIVA to fight against us. Might I add, the reason we did the Raid was to finish off the House of Devils Splicer group from using SIVA.

I meant it’s the last entirely fallen based dlc we had, as in it’s only about fallen and something like the mechanical disease called siva isn’t involved

Each Fallen expansion has brought in some type of different fallen we haven’t seen. The Wolves, Siva Splicers, Scorn

This post in now solemny dedicated to arguing about wether or not Rise of Iron counts as a Fallen expansion (Lets exclude Forsaken our Ghost and Petra litterally say that the Scorn aren’t Fallen anymore)

I’m pretty sure it is because it is about how the House of Devils (Fallen) find/use Siva and how we have to stop them. Yes it is about the Iron Lords as well because they are a major factor in the story of Siva. Also the Iron Lords have from what I’ve read mostly stayed on Earth and fought as protectors here which was mainly against the Fallen making it more of a “rivalry”

I personally do not think that would happen if he returned. Guardians are not considered to be the same person as they were before being resurrected. While they may inhabit the same body, they, with the exception of Exos do not have the same memories, personalities, or anything else that makes a persona a person. Mara delved into that when an Awoken Guardian was brought back to her by Uldren With this in mind, I claim the guardian that was once uldren has no claim to Ace or the Hunter Vanguard position.

Technically even after death he would still have a claim due to the little criteria we know of the vanguard dare, however I agree with you about being a different person. I feel like Uldren being resurrected would have been known by Mara and she would have plans for him. Sadly that is all she would have for him.