Which would be the Better Faction? (And what do they contribute?)

After talking in the Discord, I thought this would be a fun topic to post, so here I am.

To get things started, out of the Three joinable factions (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, Future War Cult.), which would be the “Best” faction to join in terms of ethic/good natured ideals.

Dead Orbit, to start us off. Provide Exploration and an entire fleet to scout out and colonize. Yet they can be seen as both Nihilistic of the Traveler, and are often seen as traitors to the City because they believe Earth is a “Lost Cause”.

New Monarchy provides us with an organized set of forces that are used to defend the City and protect Earth. However, they seem less keen on defending other places except Earth.

Future War Cult provides insight and mysticism. Allowing us to perceive future threats. They accept that War is constant, and wish to help us in such. However, they can be very cautious in sharing their knowledge, and they don’t have the greatest sense in Ethical actions. (Reckless, dangerous future telling.)

So, out of all these, what would be the “Best” choice?


Stuck between Future War Cult and New Monarchy.

Future War Cult: Their ability to perceive future threats is extremely useful to help prepare for the coming battles. But what upsets me, besides the fact that they sometimes don’t share information only they know, is that, sometimes, people don’t believe them. Like the Red War, they knew about it WAY before it was going to happen, they knew how devastating the battles would be. So, obviously not wanting tons of people, including Guardians, to be slaughtered, they told the people in the Tower, but nobody believed them. So, when Ghual arrived, the Last City wasn’t prepared.

New Monarchy: They appear to provide very good defence of Earth, something that will always be needed. But, as you said, they don’t seem to keen on doing the same for other moons/planets. But, I see some sense as to why. We do that. As Guardians, it’s our job to provide support to places humanity can’t. But still, they should help out every now-and-then.


Future War Cult. Although they may not have the best shaders. Their work would help us as long as we trust them. They are a lot like Osiris, able to perceive the future, people not accepting the prophecies, and ultimately secretive. New Monarchy has been cheating many good people of resources and it is rumored that Dead Orbit had a fleet during the Red War but decided not to use it in the defense of the City nor in the attack to reclaim the City.


been a cultist since my first faction rally and for good reason, as of right now they command part of the worlds greatest military superpower and have the ability to see future events and plan accordingly. that alone is some vex level shit. To put it simply if we guardians were warned about all future attacks, prepared accordingly and when the attack happened were ready, we would be unbeatable


I think that the best choise by far would be FWC because of the ability they have to see into the future to see what will attack us next, but I’ve always liked the idea of Dead Orbit, to escape while we can and find somewhere else to live. All in all, my personal preference isn’t the best choice and definetly believe that FWC is the best choice.

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New Monarchy. They’ve all got moral downsides but I like New Monarchy the most.

Dead Orbit want to abandon Earth, the planet that is the cradle of humanity. That’s not worth giving up, ever.

Future War Cult are obsessed with a wartime mentality, approaching Hive levels of ‘there must always be conflict’. We should fight for peace, not war.

New Monarchy wants to establish order, with a voted-in head of state that would have absolute power. Whilst dictatorship isn’t the way we do things today (and for good reason), I wouldn’t be that unhappy with voting in a new person every time the old dictator died. In the Last City, the main military body is the inherently selfless and morally-good Guardians and Vanguard, so in the case of a corrupt dictator the army of magic immortals could step in and say ‘no, you can’t do that.’

Plus, red and gold is gorgeous


Interesting! I do like your opposite view on this.

Do you mean like somebody like the Speaker, but actually has the power to do things for the City?

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