Who controlled SIVA?

Title. Rasputin awakened it and the fallen used it, but who gave it the directives? I didn’t by rise of iron, as you can tell.

SIVA can only be directed. Not controlled. Rasputin directed it to defeat the last of the Iron Lords. Then the House of Devils used it to become Splicers. The fact it cannot be controlled is the reason Rasputin locked it up and killed Guardians in order to keep humanity safe.

I can’t remember the details, but I seem to recall Terra-Rasputin (The Rasputin we awaken in D1) being implied to have been the true controller of SIVA. He set the directives and never relinquished control, so the Splicers were just puppets. Why he did what he did isn’t known. Terra-Rasputin was basically insane, at the very least unstable, so we’ll never know. Perhaps he didn’t actively control SIVA at the time of RoI and Aksis was just hearing Rasputin’s last directives, “Eliminate, enhance, immunize”.

I do remember being intrigued at the time, but as of now I think D2 Rasputin absorbed Terra-Rasputin, so if any plotline was set up, it’s gone now.

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I disagree. It’s made clear that SIVA is not the one at fault for what happened. SIVA has no consciousness. It’s like a computer. You give it an input, it gives you an output. Anything bad that happens is the fault of the user. It can definitely be controlled. That’s evident in how far the project got in the Golden Age. They have to have done tests. The developers were scientists in an advanced society. They wouldn’t produce such a thing with malicious intent or something that’s unpredictable.

Give it a specific start and end, and you’ll get no problems. Rasputin didn’t have an issue with the Iron Lords getting SIVA, he had a problem with the Iron Lords stealing SIVA from him. Rasputin was concerned for his own well being. He had shut off his civilian protection protocols. He was being selfish. He didn’t care what happened to the Iron Lords or humanity at the time.

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Rasputin’s primary objective was to protect humanity. So we know that Rasputin believed that SIVA was a way to save people, otherwise he would have neutralized the threat that it was. If he did control it, he was trying to save us. I believe that SIVA grew a mind of it’s own to work against Rasputin to destroy humanity. At the same time, I think it also worked to corrupt Rasputin to help SIVA acompish it’s goal. This might not be the most accurate thing ever, but I thought it was an interesting idea that you might enjoy.

I like to think that the Devil Splicers gave it the directive, which is “Consume Enhance Replicate”. Which, now that I think about it, is really dumb on the Golden Age scientists’ part. Because it doesn’t seem that SIVA has a specific code to use it. Meaning that as long as you can get past RASPUTIN’s defenses, you can wield it. What do you think? Was everyone so absorbed in their ‘Golden Age’ that they overlooked this major flaw?

Actually, according to the Shadow Trespass lore, most people weren’t too worried about the future. They only saw good in the future.

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Yet again, common sense would dictate that, no matter what, powerful things should be kept under lock and key.
Even if, of course, we all see good in the future.
When have we said that “Everything is gonna be great!” When in actuality? It was not. It most definitely was not.

Or perhaps the Fallen are more intelligent then they let on? Clovis Bray thought very highly of itself and kept it’s standards very high so I doubt that they would over look such a fatal flaw.

Well, they did build a Mech suit. So… Yeah…

“Yeah” as in the Fallen are smart or “Yeah” as in Clovis wouldn’t have done that…?

Yeah that the Fallen are smart. Think about it, we could totally use Mecha right now.

Indeed. I believe we do need to nerf them.

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