So I was reading the new Stolen Intelligence lore book and I found a mention to Rasputin ( AI-COM/RSPN. RSPN has been used before to signify Rasputin, I just can’t find it. Right after, with the same type of designation as Rasputin, another “AI-COM” is mentioned: AI-COM/XBLK. Who is this? Could it be another warmind brought back? Or just some AI we don’t know about? Anyways, here is the entry:

People elsewhere have suggested that AI-COM/XBLK is most likely referring to Failsafe. “XBLK” is probably referring to Exodus Black.


Okay thank you.I was wondering why it had the same signification as Rasputin. I would have thought that there would be a special designation for a warmind because this a report from the Praxic order, who seeing as they have a number for everyone, probably would have a designation for a warmind.
Here is where it states these lore pages are from the Praxic order: