Who is Malkanth?

Here is the first entry of “Inquisition of the Damned”

The narrator may be assumed to be Malkanth, of whom we know very little.
From later pages of the book, we see that Malkanth is a female hive wizard with command over “arcane” powers the Hive seem to have forbidden. However, who is she and what is her lineage? She does not seem to be of royal blood, but never the less acts as one with such power might.

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Could this “Malkanth” be a Hive who was one of the first to discover the Pyramid under the moon? If so, it might make her see herself as important because she found such an important monument. Or, could she and Nokris have trained together? Maybe they learned their arcane powers from Xol and other worm gods? If she was associated with, and trained with a Hive prince, (even more so if she outperformed him) maybe she feels like she is an equal to him? Or, she could have served under Crota on the moon? Got promoted after his death? Feels like she replaced him, and is now royalty?

I have no idea. I’m just spinfoiling here. Trying to start some conversation.

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I completely understand. Neither she nor her siblings have any mention outside of this book, in D1 or D2. I shy away from training with Nokris because, afaik, Nokris was never on the Moon and Malakanth seems to be relegated to it. She seems…young? almost for a Hive.

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If she was always on the moon, she could have worked for Crota. ALso the fact that she was an arcane wizard, if they are rare, means she could have been high up. Taken higher and higher up the ranks, but kept hidden, and that’s why we are just now hearing about her? Could she be the one that made the abomination in the Abomination Heist strike from D1?

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All good ideas, maybe some more lore will come out that solidifies some.
I do not think she was the one responsible for mini-phogoth in the Abomination Heist, she and her siblings seem to be rejects of a sort and creating ogres of that class may be reserved for those such as Hashaldun, with higher standing in the Court.

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The fact that She is considered a reject just keeps putting me back to Nokris. The fact that they are both arcane wizards and rejects just puts them together in my mind. Maybe nokris trained her? If she is younger Nokris could have passed Xols teachings down to her.

I am not sure. Nokris’ necromancy and Malkanths Inquisition of the Self or Unmaking (link) do not at face value seem to share much. However, perhaps the art of Hive Necromancy and the Unmaking share a fundamental principle?
Malkanth took the essence of her brother and put it into the empty shell of her sister, that sounds a little like this excerpt from Apocrypha: “…The orphan called life out of death, …”

It mentions that she knows necromancy in I.IV. The exact quote is “‘I have studied paths both honored and depraved—the might of Oryx, the strength and cunning of his sisters, the folly of Crota’s pride, and the necromantic sin of the unfavored.’” It later mentions that she stole information from the World’s Grave, so she might not have been taught by him, but she has learned from him in some way.

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Oooo I had forgotten that bit. That is a very good point.

Read. The. New. Apocrypha. Entries!!!

Link? Where at? :white_large_square:

It is in the book “Inquisition of the Damned” on the Collective Database. The New API must have updated it yesterday.

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