Who will be in the Queen's Court next?

Well, now that Mara has officially left us again, I wonder what is gonna be waiting for us next full-curse week on Tuesday February 19th.

I’ve just offered the oracle an offering just now, and Ghost sends one last message to Mara Sov, telling her that we are committed to Petra, Mara’s cause, and the survival of the City. More Guardians were mentioned by Ghost last cycle to have been pouring in to defend the city.

I’ve got a few theories on how the next few weeks could go down:

  1. More Guardians in the City means that the Prison of Elders fallout and possibly fallen raids due to Siviks and the Black Armory dlc events are dying down. Zavala said back in September that he had all available guardians dealing with escapees from the Prison, and that our forces were stretched too thin to do anything about Uldren and the Skorn back then (hence The Guardian’s personal journey of revenge and such). This leads me to believe that we’re getting things under control in the system again, allowing us to send Guardians to the Dreaming City.

  2. If this above statement is true, then I believe the Red Legion is for the most part contained (Just heard earlier in gameplay that the Red Legion is basically just a fleet around Nessus now) and Osiris is doing good work keeping greater Vex Threats from developing from the Infinite Forest.

  3. When we learned that Uldren was revived as a Guardian, Mara was nowhere to be seen. Her rewards chest was already spawned in, giving the impression that she placed it there in anticipation of our arrival. Her (I’m gonna call it her ‘scanner’)desk thingy had a holo display of Uldren’s resting place. We then saw the cinematic cutscene of his revival, but nothing else. I believe she went to at least monitor his resurrection in some degree. I think her always appearing in her ascendant realm is important. I think she either can’t or doesn’t want to return to the Dreaming City (Savathun or Quria may be able to track her down if she did), so I think she would just observe Uldren, maybe even send some kind of message to him. She hasn’t revealed all her tricks for good reason, so I’ll bet she has either sent him some reassurance, or summoned him, if not to ‘bring him back’ for her own purposes, to at least let him know he has a friend in this strange new world he just awoke into.

  4. All this considered, I think it’s possible that next week, with the Crimson Days update, Bungie will sneak in an update that will add Uldren to the ascendant realm beyond the Oracle. I think Mara may have given him enough information to gain access to her court, use it as a haven (He doesn’t have a ship or anything else to get to the City, as his Ghost would probably direct him to do), and perhaps we’ll see a very un-friendly face in the Court next time the curse is at it’s strongest.

  5. another thought is that maybe another of her friends in unknown places could stand in her place on February 19th. Perhaps its the emissary of the Nine.

Anything is possible at this point, and I am beyond excited to see what week 2 of this cycle has to offer us in the way of conversation with the Oracle, Ghost and Petra, or any other character that might stand ready to reply when we obtain another offering.
Let me know your thoughts below!

-Your Friendly Warlock Brother,
Iron Lord Kara, the Second Young Wolf


We have had weeks before where no one was in the Court at all.

Hi :smiley:

  1. Agreed

  2. Also agreed

  3. Hmmm would be interesting to see Uldren. I believe she was responsible for his resurrection since the ghost shell was a gift and it was purple. But I’m leaning more towards Petra being in closer contact with Uldren than the Queen. I’ve been wondering if Petra was the one who put his body to rest at that gazebo. If that’s the case, wouldn’t she notice that he was suddenly missing?

  4. With Crimson days, I think Mara had to dump Shaxx since she’s going away for a while and that’s why we are receiving a bow from him. Maybe she didn’t accept his Christmas present hehe! -And if Uldren could make amends with the Vanguard, he’d be of more use in the tower than stuck in her ascendant realm. He owes us. I’m a strong supporter of an Uldren redemption arc.

  5. I’ll need to really think on this emissary business you’ve got going on here :smiley:

-Void arrows out,
Hunter G.

My fellow hunter, I like your wit! Also the Crimson Days thing totally matches up! xD
Also yes, Petra might be telling us more about Uldren soon! I hope we get more on him soon…

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my friend, and fellow hunter, an obligatory Hunter Master Race to you jolly lot, of course I have commented here for the ghost is widely rumored, and with good reason, to be the one and only “pulled pork” a strange and happy ghost that wanders around scanning rocks and many thing more, Pulled Pork is also known to have a purple and silver shell similar to the one seen in Uldrens rebirth, more proof of this shows the ghost scanning random debris and stone before feeling the closeness of his other half. for you 4rth theory, I had my revenge long ago, Uldren is a new man and deserves a second chance. as to Shaxx’s bow there is actually a lore card for this (mabye), in the Dawning archives, of which stats Shaxx wondering if a bow would be a good present for a “certain person”, I always though this was Eva but I could be wrong. as always, keep your friends close and your ramen ticket closer. Mech-1, The Son of The Symmetry

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Nice post and theories @IronLordKara :slight_smile:

But you write that the queen’s court is in the ascendent realm in point 4. That is not really correct we know the shattered throne (throneworld of mara) is in the ascendent realm. The Queen’s Court is in unkown space or still in the dreaming city, we do not know.

I think until the next expansion we will not visit the queen’s court again. Mara is in preparatian to kill savathun I think :woman_mage:

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what if uldren already left the dreaming city and is stranded either in the acendent realm or stranded on like a different planet or something and we have rescue him

Before everyone else, y’know, gives him the good ol stab stab.

But first we would show him everything the Crucible has to offer! (Loads Shotgun) Everything.

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Woah there. Dial it back grandpa, we need enough of him left to show him the rest of everything!

He’ll be fine. He has a ghost for a reason, right?

Yeah but… don’t you think it’d be a good idea to ehm… show him the ropes first?

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Best way to learn is to experience.

Nervously laughs Guys he might be the Hunter Vanguard cuz of the dare…

I stand by what I said.

Hol up. Aren’t you supposed to be dead? Gheleon?

SHH… I’m undercover. After all the other Lords died I used their bones as armor and escaped, just like I planned…

Okay… then… have fun…

I love that lore card!!!

That lore card was the reason Gheleon is my faviorite Iron Lord.