Who's in #10201?


Wasn’t this just a Master Chief reference?

Lol that would be great. Source?

There’s no source but if you have played Halo 3 at the ending Master Chief climbs into a pod and says “Wake me when you need me.” Seems like this pod is almost too familiar to not be a nod. I think either Planet Destiny or My name is Byf made a video on this

Thing is Chief leaves the pod four years later, so unless Bungie is ignoring the 343 games…

I don’t think Bungie is its just that its a little nod towards their old series no lore attachments.

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It would make sense though since this was already in the works while Bungie was working on halo. Not saying they are the same universe, obviously not, but for stealth reference purposes it’s plausible they would leave off at 3.

:thinking: I’m not sure but that’s the general consensus among the community that its just an easter egg.

I actually hate this Ghost scan, because if it’s not an Easter egg then it has some pretty huge implications for the lore.

A Guardian with exceptional Light sealed himself inside.

Does this mean he was a Guardian before he was sealed inside? Was this during the Collapse? Did he have a Ghost?

He’s been in there for centuries.

Does this have any bearing on the timeline?

Before I found you I tried resurrecting him, but he preferred to sleep.

Does this mean we have a choice in being resurrected?

He said the last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes.

Which war?

People say “it’s just an Easter egg so don’t read into it”, but how do we know it’s an Easter egg?

This is literally the only thing in Destiny that I really hate :sweat_smile:

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It’s supposed to be an Easter egg, but… if it isn’t, then it is either someone on par with Rezyl but before the City Age or else he time traveled back in the past to sleep from fighting a great war. Also, choosing to not be resurrected makes me wonder about death and the afterlife in the Destiny universe.

The pod number is a palindrome. I wonder if that offers any clues on the guardians identity.

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{puts on spinfoil hat}

I believe that this pod is the pod that contains the greatest being in the universe……GARY!!!

Don’t think he fits…unless he is a psion…(tightens spinfoil hat) I KNEW IT!

{puts on second spinfoil hat}

Gary is not bound by the logic of our infinitely expanding cheeseburger

Does this mean he should become a god like oryx then hmmmm…(spinfoil hat begins to tighten even more)

Oryx is a bread crumb compared to the Loaf of bread that is Gary

{Spinfoil hat multiples}

Dear god what is this madness (Spinfoil has grown in size and is being lived in)

This is not madness



Ah crap you threw that card in…ps we should continue this convo in a pm.

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Is there anyone specifically in the Lore for who it could be? Or where on the timeline it could have occurred? I always wondered.

Edit: totally off the top of my head for no apparent reason…Shin Malphur.