Why do Guardians not remember their past lives?

While writing my book, I came to a radblock. That roadblock is a question. My character is wondering why he can’t remember his past life…

and I have no explanation. Help a Guardian out.


(summarized, the traveler is making mindless super soldiers)

ive seen some stuff made on this idea but in my opinion, A super solider who doesn’t have any memory, therefore doesn’t question any order they are given, and supports the traveler cause of the ghost. Well that seems like a very good idea for the traveler, you would have to be quite the person just to wake up with no memory and go do what you want to do instead of what the ghost wants you to do

I.E. Drifter :sob: :sob:

There are two possible explanations in my mind, first, because it’s simple biology. If you die then the electrical patters that your brain translates to memories are forgotten thus erasing your memory. And two, because of past obligations and duties that were left behind due to death that could distract you from your “purpose” of defending the Traveler (which now that I think about it is basically a glorified necromancer). For example, if you had a romantic partner that you remembered and you have been revived then a logical thought process is… “I can revive him/her too!” And the quest ensues.


exactly, they even had lore for why he actually has a personality

I would say is due to them(ghosts) literally restarting a brain(in some cases) or just generating a new one somehow because of brain tissue dying and just melting out due to rot over time. just my take on it though

They have been dead for centuries, if brain cells are recreated they still won’t hold past info

Also, remember that Brain Cells don’t get recreated, they are too complex, so if you lose them. They’re gone.
Unless, of course, you’re an Exo, in which case you gotta blow into the port to clear the dust, and Light particles, then boom. Memory saved.

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(might be spinfoil)
well mate I had a theory on this (well Ulan Tan had a theory but I agree) that when a guardian is resurrected the ghost pulls the guardian from a different timeline, the harder it is that that certain guardian could survive, the longer it would take (hence that in some areas it takes longer to re-spawn)
therefore if this is true the ghost wouldn’t have to “recreate” advanced cells

Guardians kinda work similar to zombies, zombies don’t remember anything, their undead(brought back to life is just a nicer way of saying this), and they serve 1 purpose(guardians protect the traveler, zombies to survive by consuming brains)

and our great space orb, the necromancer who resurrected us

Lol, thanks. I like being a comical little man.

Sorta like Ant Man?
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how we store memories is just electrical impulses that store information so when a brain dies all of the electricity is gone too so that means no more you