Why do some Eliksni not follow the rules of Ether consumption?

According to Eido, Misraaks’ daughter, Ether dictates the size and strength of the Eliksni. The more they consume the more they grow. She is quoted saying:
“In a world of unlimited Ether, like Riis before the Whirlwind, all Eliksni look like Captains. That’s our final form.”
So if their final form is that of a Captain, why do some Eliksni grow beyond that of a captain? Eramis, Skolas, Aksor, and even the Fallen escapee in the Tangled Shore public event are all much larger than Captains. Is there a more complex reason for these exceptions? Or is the answer as simple as saying that they are larger due to EXCESS intake of Ether?

I’d assume they go by hierarchy, Ether is in limited supply so Obvious the heads of each house will consume more which is why the Kells are so much bigger. Similar with Archon’s, they consume more basically because their place on the hierarchy allows it.

As for their “final form” she may have just been talking about a “standard fallen” which now are broken up in to Dregs, Vandals, and Captains.