Why I still think expansion 2 features Ana Bray

I’ve seen some of the arguments over the identity of the woman on the poster for expansion 2, and I still think it’s Ana Bray, not Elsie Bray or Lady Efrideet.

One of the arguments Myelin made earlier this month is that Ana Bray is claimed to be dead by Lakshmi-2. This seems like a pretty damning piece of evidence, but I don’t think it’s as important as it sounds. There has been a pretty large shift in the way Bungie is writing Destiny 2 versus Destiny 1. Even the concept of the Darkness is being altered to be less vague. I could very easily see the statement being mistaken, ie everyone thought she was dead when she was just missing, or just straight being retconned. Considering all the time-fuckery that’s about to occur in the Curse of Osiris expansion, I could totally see Bungie using that as an excuse to bring back fabled characters from the past. Fingers crossed for the return of Saint-14.

The bigger reason I think it’s Ana, that I haven’t really seen talked about many other places, is the Light holograms you encounter when you unlock Gunslinger in Destiny 2. Most of the recordings are Cayde repeating excerpts from Ghost Fragment Rasputin. The other snippets are other people, one talks about a legendary gunslinger, and another talks about a hunter adamant she could fight an Ahamkara. While the Ahamkara story could be many people, the other story sounds like it describes Ana Bray at the Battle of Twilight Gap.

She leaves the rifle and walks across the naked obsidian into the swarm firing from the hip as she goes, each kick of the old revolver a word. The stone smokes around her where the arc fire lashes it, and the shrapnel guns throw up leaves of obsidian like glass butterflies. She shoots her bandoliers dry, and a team of Vandals in glassy stealth leap up to rush her with knives, but she raises her hand and burns them down with the golden gun, laughing.

So if we are to assume that the gunslinger of the golden gun anecdote is Ana Bray, then what is purpose of the Rasputin story that Cayde tells? I think this might have been an intentional use of the Kuleshov Effect to draw a connection between Ana Bray and Rasputin, especially considering that we already know that it is almost certain that Rasputin will factor into the second expansion. There is no reason for the Cayde holograms to be about Rasputin in that setting unless it is to link Rasputin and the gunslinger talked about in the other holograms.

This reasoning, while potentially flimsy on its own, ties into the other evidence that has been discussed in the past. The fact that Clovis Bray created the Warminds, the emblem on the woman’s shoulder, the fact that the woman is a hunter, etc.

I do think that accepting this evidence precludes the woman from being Elsie Bray, considering Elsie was not known to be at Twilight Gap. It does not preclude Lady Efrideet, although I personally don’t believe it to be her. I think it would make more sense for it to be a Bray, with biometric access to Bray facilities, than Efrideet, who probably wants absolutely nothing to do with Rasputin after the fall of the Iron Lords to SIVA.

I’d love to know what people think. I know this is a pretty tenuous connection to make, but I think it’s worth exploring. Braces to have the infinite reasons I’m wrong shouted at me.


Also this is my first ever post, please be gentle. I really loved Destiny from the moment I laid eyes on it. In Destiny 1, I only ever got to play the vanilla campaign on a friend’s Playstation, and I always swore that if it was ever ported to PC I would buy it. While that dream never came true, I finally get to be a more involved member of the Destiny community now that 2 has released for PC. I’ve done a lot of research on what I missed in Destiny 1, but that can only take me so far. I look forward to learning even more from the old guard of the Collective.

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I’ll admit, the argument you have above, is almost exactly where I started with my theory on E2. It really does make sense that if they’re going to bring back Ana Bray, The Curse of Osiris is the perfect way to do that. It would set up a reasonable (re)introduction to an already fabled character rather well…

But to be honest I dont think Bungie is ready for a fake-out this big. I think it’s a great idea and theres of lot things about the theory that make sense. But historically we haven’t seen this level of story telling. Even with the previews from CoO.

Thats not to say I’m not excited. Im pumped as hell. I just dont see them blatantly (and permanently) retconning that piece of lore from D1. I mean just look at the backlash they received simply because Saladin didn’t call us an Iron Lord. Because for this to work they would either have to retcon something from D1 or insert a piece of her into the CoO story. And from what we’ve heard so far from sources lie IGN, CoO doesn’t leave much room for this.

Just my thoughts though, good theory. And hey if some time shenanigans allow for her return I’m all for that.

Oh yeah, Welcome to Ishtar :smiley:


Thank you for the warm welcome! I will admit, there’s a decent amount of bias in me that wants it to be Ana. As a gunslinger main, she’s probably my favourite character in lore. Sorry, not sorry, Cayde.


The quote from that hologram is actually an excerpt from Ghost Fragment: Hunter, which was added back in vanilla Destiny. In the card, the Hunter is hunting Draksis, House Winter’s Kell, on Venus:

The message that brought her to this place had no sign but she could hear Cayde in it. Draksis in the Cinders it said. Is it true?

Obviously, the rest of this theory is pretty tricky to either prove or disprove right now- Ana Bray is said to be dead, and, as Hipnuts as said, retconning in the past hasn’t been particularly well received. That’s not to say that they won’t retcon Ana Bray’s death, but at the moment any real details simply aren’t around. In the meantime, spinfoil is just about all we have, lol.

Anyways, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Don’t sweat It! We’re friendly, we promise (and not just cause it’s in the guidelines)! We in “the old guard” have a lot to learn from you, too :wink:

Welcome to the forum!

Damn, pretty much explodes the whole idea. Thank you for getting to the bottom of things.

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