Why is time so odd aboard the Glycon?

I just recently read through the Captain’s Log book and there were two entries in it that contradicted each other in terms of when it takes place.

They are:

Entry 6 - Excess of Avarice
Entry 7 - Ire

Entry 6 mentions the Red War, specifically of the Traveler being put into the cage and severing the Guardians’ connection to the light from the perspective of Katabasis, but Entry 7 and all other entries mention events that have happened recently, most notably the Fall of Torobatl and the anomaly around Mars, something that happened when the Darkness Pyramid hid it away, along with Io, Titan, and Mercury.

So what happened here?

Before Katabasis and the Cabal that were with him even boarded the Glycon, the Fall of Torobatl happened, something that happened recently in-game. So how are they experiencing the caging of the Traveler while on board, something that happened 4 years earlier? Did the anomaly warp time, like how it did in Entry 6: “Velocity surges forward to the anomaly; the surrounding reality tears away. We hold, suspended before the writhe. It fills all sight; Nothing just beyond the bend. Time ceases, and the cosmos arcs to accommodate my will. Now” ?
Did the “reality [tearing] away” somehow move the ship back in time 4 years? If that’s what happened, how is the anomaly still there?
Or did the Fall of Torobatl happen 4 years ago and it just took that long for Caiatl to reach Sol? But if that’s what happened, how were we able to go to Mars in Year 1 if there was an anomaly there?

I know realize that this whole post was a result of interpreting it wrong, the whole caging entry was a recount of a nightmare

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Now these passages can be tricky, especially if you don’t look at the note at the top. There is also a note, which says from who’s point of view it is from.

It states, “This page is blighted with mold and the imprint of a memory
The words seep experience into your open mind…”

This is Katabasis remembering about the Traveler’s light being stolen as the darkness tries to turn him against the light with his memories. This quote specifically, “The City is burning and you did nothing.” This means two things in my opinion. Katabasis blames himself for many of the deaths, because he ran away. Also he partially blames the Traveller and the Light for abandoning him and his Ghost Gil so quickly.

Entry 6 is through the eyes of Lord Calus. This is present time, and the guardian who slumps down is Katabasis, retiring for the day. It just goes over Calus’ infusion with the darkness, yada yada yada, this is present time.

So to wrap it up, the 7th entry is Katabasis’ memories, and entry 6 is current time through the eyes of Calus.