Why We Should Be More Afraid Of The Vex

So I was taking a look through some of Vex origins and whatnot. Then I came across the old Vex Grimoire. I looked at it and I was quite surprised at what I saw. I saw that the Vex put construction first and foremost and neutralization of targets second. We have seen what the Vex can build. They can excavate whole planets and infuse it with radiolarian fluid and metal. But what if the Vex decide to put the termination of enemy targets first? Surely they would be much more potent. Also maybe Osiris is right that the Vex are much more “evil” than the Hive or the Darkness. We have seen what the Vex can do in their space, erase us from reality, cast us in the dark corners of time, set elemental explosions, set up force fields big enough to clog a certain world eating machine. There is just so much the Vex can do. I don’t know, this could just be me yearning for an actually good Vex expansion.


point is brother, in the end the vex are machines. Good ones to be sure and intelligent ones, but as seen in other vex encounters the first thing they try to do is build, if attacked sure they will fight back and make new measures to do so but the main end goal is to convert everything to a “radiolarian solid” not to kill everything and then convert

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Well technically speaking this “radiolarian solid” doesn’t state that something must be living to be converted so… technically yes they can kill everything and then convert. However since this is NOT their main goal as of now. They are hindered. If their first goal were to become “exterminate all other life forms” then… well we should really start living today like there won’t be a tomorrow…

exactly 20 charecters

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