Will Ghosts Go Extinct? Can They?

We all know that the Ghosts came from the Traveler as it was “dying”. But is this the only point in time where they were being created?
The Traveler is no longer sending Ghosts to find new Guardians, even with it being reawakened, right?
If not, that must mean that there are a limited number of Ghosts in our universe and that each Guardian’s Ghost that dies, another may not replace it.
But I believe this is the case because of another reason, something to do with the fact each Ghost being assigned to its unique Guardian.*
Furthermore, if there is a set number of Ghosts that are available to us, should we worry? There have been cases in the past of Guardians dying even with Ghosts and they both being lost forever.
Is it possible that there are Ghosts still searching for their Guardian?
What are your thoughts on the possibility that we may eventuality be down to our last few friendly companions?

*I am not sure about this so let me know.

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There is a limited amount of Ghosts. There are also stories of Ghosts having multiple Guardians if their old one dies. Like Shin and Jaren. I believe Ghosts and fix other Ghosts to a point, so some of the damaged Ghosts we have picked up might have been fixed.


What about the dead Ghosts we found around D1? What can become of them?

They might remain dormant till they find a new guardian.

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Interesting, but is there any importance for us specifically to find them. Why are they scattered around our universe dead? Maybe they lost their Guardians during a time before we were awakened by our Ghost?

In the mission The Dark Beyond we find the Ghost of the Guardian that lost his light. Is this ghost any different from the ones we find? If so, in what respect?

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I believe Dead Ghosts are unreviveable. Only damaged ones can be brought back. But with the Traveler alive again, im sure it can bring life back into every dead ghost out there. It probably did already with that blast after it defeated Ghaul.

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