Will of Crota - Heroic

Name:Will of Crota - Normal
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N4DIdepE_0
Date Recorded: 28th January 2017


Cayde-6 - Remember Omnigul? Hive General with the lovely voice? She’s back.

Ikora Rey - Vanguard scouts report she’s undone her death.

Cayde-6 - Undone her death? You make it sound like she pulled her knitting apart.

Ikora Rey - Eris would tell you not to make light of this.

Cayde-6 - That’s why she’s not here.

Ikora Rey - There’s no telling what else might follow Guardian. Destroy Omnigul and any lingering threats.

Your Guardian spawns in on the Forgotten Shore. Moves up an old road to the Terrestrial Complex

Cayde-6 - If Omnigul can come back to life, how do we make sure she stays dead? I wonder if the Hive think that about us?

Ikora Rey - To the Hive, death is relative. We’ll face Omnigul has many times as it takes.

Cayde-6 - Guess we were made for each other.

**Guardian makes their way upstairs into Level 3 of the Terrestrial Complex.

Cayde-6 - Be ready for anything. The Hive and Fallen here are more desperate than they have ever been.

After the first wave of Hive are eliminated, two waves of Devil Slicers enter the room, followed by a final wave of Hive. When this final wave is enters the room, the barrier blocking the exit is lifted.

Cayde-6 - Guardian, you remind me of… well, Ikora, back in her Crucible days.

Ikora Rey - That was a lifetime ago.

Cayde-6 - I’m sure Shaxx hasn’t forgotten. He still has trouble sitting.

Once you reach the upstairs server room, you engage more Hive and Devil Splicers

Cayde-6 - The Cosmodrome is turning into a breeding ground for Hive and Siva. Like one big disgusting petri dish.

Cayde-6 - Now that you’re all warmed up, let’s find Omnigul.

You now make your way back through the Terrestrial Complex outside to Skywatch. where you enter a Hive Spire and come in contact with a Hive Knight with the name “Protector of the Will”. From here, you make your way to the Jovian Complex.

Cayde-6 - Omnigul is back and it’s for a reason. And it’s just to yell, although she does seem fond of that. Finish her before it’s too late.

Once inside the Jovian Complex, you make your first contact with Omnigul at the end of a corridor.

Cayde-6 - I can’t believe that voice is coming out of such tiny animals. (Hive version only)

You and your team make your way up the hill and into Omnigul chamber

**After killing Omnigul - **

Ikora Rey - There are no further traces of Hive energy.

Cayde-6 - Welp! If she comes back, so will we. Look at us! Omnigul’s neutralized and Eris didn’t have to lift a finger.

Ikora Rey - You should tell her.

Cayde-6 - Trust me, she would prefer to her if from you. Come on back Guardian. Good work.

It’s actually a Hive Seeder, also you have a typo a couple lines down

I can’t spot the typo. Is it fixed here? http://www.ishtar-collective.net/transcripts/will-of-crota-heroic?highlight=will+of+crota

It would have to be. It was after killing Omnigul - or something so it didn’t bold

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Yeah sorry I didn’t catch that. I believe it’s the space after the “dash” before the ** in that line. My bad. The dash should be there anyway.

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