Will of Crota - Normal

Name:Will of Crota - Normal
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN5NRn015wQ
Date Recorded: 28th January 2017


Eris - Omnigul is the last of Crota’s Generals. She is the architect of her masters wakening. As long as she lives, the threat of Crota’s return will haunt this world. Track her down and exterminate every Hive that stands in your way.

Your strike team spawns in on the Forgotten Shore. Moves up an old road to the Terrestrial Complex
Eris - A new Hive army is spawning under the Skywatch. This is Omnigul’s doing. Find her.

Your team makes their way upstairs to Level 3 (as noted by the columns in the room)
Eris - Omnigul is wicked and desperate. Keep your Light safe.

Eris - The Hive infestation is spreading.

Once the final wave of Hive are cleared, the barrier that blocks the exit is removed.
Eris - Push forward Guardian

Once you and your team make upstairs into the server room
Eris - The Hive have stirred the scavengers. Omnigul’s clever, using the Fallen against you.

When the last wave of Fallen drop from their dropship…
Eris - Keep moving Guardian. Find Omnigul.

Your team then makes their way back downstairs and out into Skywatch where you enter a Hive Spire. From here, you reach the Jovian Complex
v1 Eris - Omnigul’s only purpose is to usher in Crota’s return. If she lives, our fight against Crota’s armies my never end.
v2 Eris - Omnigul’s only purpose is to usher in Crota’s return. She failed, but wont stop fighting until her master’s will is done

Upon entering the Jovian Complex, you first encounter Omnigul at the end of a corridor. After Omnigul disappears, you kill several waves of Hive while making your way up a hill.
Eris - Omnigul! Destroy her!

After killing Omnigul
Eris - The agents of Crota’s Will have been defeated. The Hive will not take this transgression lightly. But you Guardian have given them something new to fear.

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