Will the hive die off eventually? (speculation)

After thinking on it for a bit I theorized that the guardians could possibly keep the hive alive indefinitely but then I remembered that the worms hunger increases exponentially the more you feed it, that then lead to the idea that in the future if the hive do not give up of the war on the guardians and go conquer some other race they will eventually die

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But how do we know they aren’t already doing that?

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well I don’t but much of there efforts seem to be centralized on taking the traveler, and by the sword logic if they were to back down it would be admitting that we are more worthy to live and they may kill themselves, likely not Savathun and her brood so we still may have a weak hive presence, and Xivu would die before giving up

It is possible they find another way to satisfy the Sword Logic. We know from Inquisition of the Damned that Crotas daughters are looking for more solutions to the Logic so it is entirely possible they find one that is no reliant upon killing the Traveler.

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indeed, which is why I thought that the more intelligent (Sav) or bloodthirsty (Xi) would likely stay, the weaker broods may weaken further though

another thought just came to me, currently the hive are largely leaderless, with certain others attempting a rise to power/resurrection of oryx, because of this I think currently the hive are largely unorganized and with a decent strike at their defense hive cohesion may crumble, or one of Oryx’s siblings may reveal themselves

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Also might not even be in d3. The devs did say they weren’t planning or working on d3

really? huh well that kinda sucks, I guess just more d2 then but still

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