Will there be consequences for using Knuckles of Eao?

“Boons I grant you, oh bearer mine, but debts must be paid in time.”

I noticed this text on the Knuckles of Eao. I think we can all agree that Eao was an Ahamkara, who were known for making deals with deadly consequences.

Ghost Fragment: Warlock says, “I’ve murdered a Guardian, I thought. She’s going to die. It’ll be my fault.
And I looked at the piece of spine in my hand and wondered - why did I say that? What moved me to such pride?”

So we know Ahamkara bones alone can lead a Guardian to these things, so my question is - will there be any repercussions to the use of the Knuckles of Eao?


I’m thinking that using Knuckles of Eao is making a deal with the devil. You get strength, power, etc, but you must repay that debt. How you repay the debt is interesting, and probably not for me to solve. The punishment could be insanity, or something similar.

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Yeah, I like that. One possibility is that Bungie could actuall do something in-game (unlikely but cool) or maybe even carry to Destiny 2.

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Though I agree that there’s likely a debt to be paid, it’s worth noting that the Hunter (the she the Warlock was referring to) actually survived and likely killed the Ahamkara. This is evidenced by the Ahamkara Scale, a Hunter artifact, whose flavor text reads:

“And that Warlock thought I couldn’t do it. Hah!”

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That’s a good point, but even so, the Warlock was still influenced to make a “bet”, clearly brought on my the Ahamkara fossil. The Hunter won against the Ahamkara because of her apparent skill and cunning, but what if some of the Guardians among us weren’t so lucky?

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It would be cool if it was like touch of malice and it damaged you when you used the perk.

But then what about the people that never used it?
Doesn’t Bungie want a fresh start?
It would be AWESOME if we had to pay our debts in D2 though.

We are paying out debts. Very early on as well if you think about it. The knuckles brought us great fortune at a cost, and that cost was our enemies came back stronger than we could have realized. They have destroyed our great reserves of weapons because we understated them and grew complacent.


I think by that you mean Ghaul invading?

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Yup. All that hard work, lost because untold numbers of guardians were using the knuckles.

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If guardians did not use the knuckles, would d2 never have happened?

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The isn’t a world where a Guardian wouldn’t use the knuckles for better loot.

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That’s probably true :joy: