World-Lines and Destiny

Warning, this walks the line between shitpost and lore, so I’m gonna leave it uncategorized so I dont get in trouble with the Mods.

So, I was looking back at the sword World-Line Zero, and began thinking about how we don’t really know how or if the Vex can travel, or how Elsie could pretty much phase out of existence right in front of us, and it just clicked in my brain like the Ritual of Negation.

Why bother with building up the energy and calculate actual time travel when you can just use the same amount of energy to try and shift the reality you are in? To my knowledge, the Vex network is in a different dimension(probably wrong), and it would be helluva lot easier to just make a sort of gate to a different reality then trying to calculate time-travel without causing any paradoxes which could end up just destroying our entire existence.

This is where the World Line theory comes in. Basically, every action you take has billions, maybe trillions of different variations of a outcome. With World-Lines, it essentially becomes a giant web of outcomes that are different in either small ways like a simple mouse not running through a ally somewhere in the City or in massive ways like Shaxx becoming our new god instead of the Traveler(Maybe he already is…).

Cause. and effect.

“But Guardians are paracausal, and can act outside the realm of causality” I have a feeling someone might comment, and I would answer “Yes, but…” and try and explain how it seems to work at some times and not in others.

For example, it is clearly scene when we usurp the Taken King, using his own Sword Logic to win against him, willing ourselves to not be cut down by his thralls to end us with the firepower we have plus our reality bending powers of the light.

Times where this falls apart though are like during the Vault of Glass, where we encounter Vex from the past and the future. But know what? They can bite my shiny Exo ass, especially the Templar and all the times I’ve to do the challenge with a team of randoms.

Sorry for losing my train of thought as I ended this, but feel free to leave your thoughts down below and I hope you have a good day or night where you are.

Could you expound upon why the VoG is an exception to the paracausality of Guardians?

Our future should be undecided but the vex are able to pull a creature from the future to our time. This space in the vault must the vex future or a combination of the two I think.

Plus people think time is a line that goes from cause to effect, but actually when looked at from a non-linier, non suggestive point of view, it looks more like a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey, stuff…

I meant to put in a bit here but was too tired last night, but here goes.

Personally, I freakin LOVE the Multiverse Theory. This is one of the most cool theories out there and I use it soooo much. This is how I personally believe the Vex travel through time. They hop from timeline to timeline and exit at the point they want/need to be in. But that’s besides the point. If this is what we are doing… then would our Guardian be replaced instantly by another nigh identical version back in the OG timeline? And if not then what would happen? If this is the case then what would this mean for the Destiny universe? What would happen if one day we accidentally stumble upon a future time line either were we all die or we are successful and thriving?

This among many other questions would be posed by this. But yes, the paracasual nature of Guardians would mean that energy requirements are relatively null and void. But still, you are correct to say that it would be horribly inefficient.