Would Oryx be considered an "Great Old One"? [[EDIT]]

Ok, so I am starting to take an interest in Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos. And I had an idea.
So, Cthulhu is considered a “Great Old One”. Which, from what I understand, is not an actual god, but a Cosmic being who follows a set of, well, cosmic law. And these laws allow them to appear as if they were using 'Magic".
Oryx followed an idea called “Sword Logic” which, at least to me, appears to be like a Cosmic Law of sorts. Oryx isn’t really a God. Though he appears as such through using Sword Logic.
Idk, this is an idea I’d like to learn from, because I am more than likely wrong in this entire topic.


no upon sight of an elder god mortal men would go insane, though no “mortal” has seen Oryx, just technical immortals, wait… everything that has laid eyes upon Oryx has been immortal (I think) hive, vex, guardians, everyone else who saw him died… , Oryx is certainly old enough to be a great old one (I think), he has/had a cult of worshipers who tithe him meals, cult check, old check, only immortals have seen him and lived check, correct me if there is anything else

ive been waiting for 3 days for something new to comment on

Lol same.
This came from me thinking about how he follows some strange idea we find to be rather maddening. (Which, makes me think of Toland, oddly enough.)

Because Toland was proclaimed mad by the Speaker (Who, mind you, wasn’t a Guardian, he had ghosts, but I don’t believe they were his ghosts.) And was cast out.
So he was proclaimed mad for uncovering and exploring these Hive texts, when he wasn’t insane at all.

hmm my alter discord ego is as Toland no 2

Also, I’m pretty sure that the Hive are immortal. Just they need to feed the worm to do so.
Tbh I’m looking for an excuse to make a Warlock for D&D have Oryx as a Patron.
But think about it, everything checks out!

Can they still be considered immortal if their worm consumes them if they don’t feed said worm?

-And I apologize that I didn’t contribute much to the conversation. I don’t know anything about Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos. :frowning:

In my opinion. Yes.
Guardians are considered immortal because of the Light. Of course, you can ask Cayde-6 about immortality right now. Oh wait.
In fact, the Hive are kinda like Guardians in that sense. They have immortality and power through the use of the Worm, as Guardians do with the light. And while we don’t have to exactly serve the Light, the Hive have to with their worms.
So in a sense, yes. But in another? No. And don’t worry if you don’t know much about the Mythos. I myself am still just finding out about this. And I’m only now trying to connect the dots with what little bit I know.

I have actually read through the Book of Sorrows and thought, “hold on… the Hive and Guardians are really similar…” and have also thought what if the Hive went to the Traveler rather than the Darkness and both I think are interesting concepts…

Here we go.

So, Cthulhu is actually not an Elder God, by your definition. He is in a category called the Great Old Ones, usually beings with a massive cosmic power. They are pretty far up in the “power” scale, and only have a sort of “superior” like Azathoth, who could literally think us out of existence. Their power is based on themselves.

Oryx is not a Great Old One by this definition. He became as powerful as he is now through a pact to a Worm God (as you most likely already know). He grew powerful by himself, yes, though it was not his power to begin with. On top of that, he worships another god, The Darkness, whom is much more powerful than himself.

If I had to compare Oryx to a Lovecraftian title of sorts, he would be far from an Elder God, as they are usually compared to as “good”, for us at least. He would be much closer to just an Old One, as far as hierarchy goes. The Darkness would be compared to an Outer God, I would say, and something like a Worm God similar to the Great Old Ones.

I’m still pretty new to Lovecraftian lore, but that’s the way I see it and I enjoy talking about it. Created this account just to do that.


Thanks, I’m still reading, and I was thinking why it sounded odd. I meant to say Old one and not Elder god. Sorry.
I keep getting them mixed up, so thank you for the correction!
Ok, made sure to make proper correction as to the title, apologies!

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His ghost could be seen in the Zavala’s trailer.