Your Guardian Ghost Stories

So, I have recently been reading the In-Game Book, Ghost Stories. And I was wondering, what would your Guardian’s resurrection be? Kind of like a mini story! I might also catalogue these in a small Google Document for safe keeping.

There was only darkness…Then light. The light burned my eyes as I opened them for the first time in god knows how long. when the light faded, I saw a small silver star floating above me. instincts kicked in and I backed as far away as I could. the star told me not to be afraid of it but of what was following closely behind it. I asked what it meant and before I could, I saw what the little star meant. an army of four armed monsters with guns and swords were following closely behind. “we need to leave and find a ship.” said the little star. so we did. we ran away to find anything that could fly. but we had to find a gun to defend our selves. we eventually came to a long hall with what the little star called a ‘dreg’ at the end of it. when the monster wasn’t looking, I ran up behind it, grabbed its gun, and snapped its neck for good measure. even then, I didn’t feel safe. so I hid in the shadows and waited for an opportunity to strike when I could. we eventually found a ship and secured it. the star fixed it and teleported me inside. I asked it where we were going and it said to the last city. when I asked why it brought me back to life and what it saw in me it only said “a damn good hunter”