Zavala vs. Caiatl

In the first cutscene of Season of The Chosen, we see the negotiation between Zavala, Accompanied by Osiris, and Caiatl. When explaining why the guardians and the cabal should become allies, Caiatl brings up good points for why it would be a good idea; only to ruin it by telling Zavala and humanity to bow. Rightfully and understandably, Zavala refused.
This is where my problem with this scene and the negotiation began. With the arrival of the Darkness, alliances with those that CAN be reasoned with such as the Cabal, the Eliksni, and The Reef, should be and could be an advantage in the battle against the darkness. I believe Zavala refused too quickly. I, in no way think Zavala should have agreed to bow but I feel there was still more on his part that could’ve been said. Reasons I understand for why Zavala refused so quickly include:

  1. The Cabal (Ghaul and the Red Legion) tried to capture the Traveler.
  2. Long time enemies.
  3. Caiatl betrayed her father, Calus. She could do the same to us.
  4. Caiatl and the Cabal could refuse any and all other options of an alliance any way.
    Though these examples ARE good and reasonable, I think the Darkness and the battle to come, are the bigger pictures. With this being said, I think Zavala should have said something along the lines of “We will not bow to you; but we will stand with you.” I feel like this would have been way better than the automatic “No.” he gave. If Caiatl still refused, then our current actions against her would be justified but as of now i think there was a very important opportunity was missed.

I think so as well. Now, this may sound wrong, but I feel like Caiatl should’ve been the one to bow instead of Zavala, and by representation, us. She knows how, even if we’re to lose our connection to the Light, we will still fight back. She knows what us Guardians are capable of with the Light. And she SHOULD know that now we can use the Darkness to a degree. It’s like playing Monopoly and trying to make a deal with someone when you have 3 seperate properties at the start of the board and they have 4 in the middle and 3 at the end. Though, I can understand why she would have refused if asked to bow instead. At face value, she’s Cabal. Looking deeper, she values strength through war, honor through combat, and victory through strength. It would be humiliating for her to be the one to bow. But, my argument doesn’t just revolve around her. Zavala is also part of the problem.
Zavala, however, can also be excused because, well, he’s negotiating with Cabal. Not just Cabal, but the Red Legion. The faction that, about 3-4 years ago, assaulted the City, captured the Traveler, and killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians, and even Guardians who could probably barely walk or hold a gun, let alone fight off Cabal. He’s sitting in a room with members of the faction that slaughtered people who couldn’t protect themselves, so it’s understandable how…disgusted, he would be. Though, that doesn’t excuse his actions. For, in the end, it’s his fault the negotiation ended the way it did. He could have negotiated a mutual alliance, at least until the threat of the Darkness was dealt with (if it CAN be dealt with).
So, in summary, it is understandable why neither side would bow to the other, but that doesn’t mean a alliance wasn’t possible. They’re both stupid. Caiatl for giving such dramatic requests when at a disadvantage, and Zavala for just turning it down with no comment.