A-113 and the Dead Orbit Fleet

Okay, am I the only one wondering what the quiznak happened to the crew of the Sophia?

Ghost Fragment: Dead Orbit talks about a mission to investigate an ostensibly Golden Age station near Ceres. However, they were intercepted and scuttled by an Awoken fighter, and jumped ship on somewhere called A-113. It’s unclear if A-113 is the station they were looking for or someplace else entirely. From their descriptions - “keyholes” “the eye” “voices” “terrible” - it doesn’t sound like a human-made situation to me.

Anyway, that’s all we get on A-113. If you read the card, the Arach in question tells a Ghost to strike the mission, crew and location from the Tower records.

I didn’t think the Awoken would be active in the asteroid belt seeing as they didn’t interfere with Vanguard operations on Mars. It makes me wonder how much they knew about whatever went down with the crew of Sophia.

What did happen, anyway?


Maybe the Awoken were trying to keep that area of space safe from others because of its nature, and rather than warn everyone (which incites curiosity) they shoot them dead? Seems like whatever A-113 is it is something very dangerous, even for a Golden Age artifact.

Also, shouldn’t this be a Lore post?


Right I forgot to categorize. It’s done.


Yeah, that is, if it’s the station, which I agree is likely.

I can just see Variks trying to turn it into another section of the Prison of Elders.

Ah, that Variks. What a guy.

I’ve wondered this as well @RedRenegade . I chalked it up to the Awoken being the Awoken. But is there a clear time of when this happened? Obviously post Golden Age.

Oh I love this card. So much mystery. The implications are pretty scary. Whatever was on A113, isn’t something Im sure the Queen would want to get out.

And there’s a couple different ways to read it too in my mind

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Yeah, with the Queen keeping secrets and ostensibly being powerful enough to threaten the Nine, there’s no telling what skeletons lie in her closet.

I don’t think she has the capability to threaten them. Right now, though, we don’t know what the Nine are beyond an idea that there’s an oligarchy of beings that rule the Jovians.

Ghost Fragment: The Queen
"More of your brother’s Crows have entered the Cauldrons of Rhea." The Witch directly before her spoke with a dry buzz. “The Nine do not approve.”

She stopped a moment to study the sealed face of a cell. The cloud of her breath mingled with the slow exhalation of cryonics. “Send them one of our prizes. Something to commemorate our mutual victory.”

“And which of your prisoners would you gift?”

If she paused to think it was only for an instant. “Send them Skolas.”

“A lovely gesture.”

“Mm.” She cocked her head as if listening for a frozen heartbeat. “And remind them this: the Crows are mine.”

While maybe “threaten” was the wrong word, Mara still responds with a haughty correction of the diction of the Nine’s complaint. She also seems unconcerned that the Nine have taken umbridge at the Crows’ intrusion, and speaks of their victory as “mutual”, like they are equals.

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The Nine and the Queen’s relationship is one of the more stranger parts of Destiny’s lore I don’t tend to get involved in. Down-to-earth topics like Rasputin or the Hive I can get behind. Still, the Nine are implied to be very powerful and the Queen has shown evidence of her own powers, i.e. the Harbingers. I do wonder, though, what Variks meant when, in his complaint, he said the Awoken whispered to the stars and listen for the Jovians’ answer.

This is probably my favorite card. My thought is that the “keyhole” found on A-113 is from the FWC machine used to travel the Vex net work.

A log from the Ghost Fragment: FWC

"RECORD 343-CHASM-7888

Subject twenty-three entered the Device at 11:00. A clever girl from the Core District; an artist, before she joined the War Cult.

At 11:03 she reported a sensation of floating. At 11:06, a sensation of lights within the darkness of the Device. Between 11:06 and 11:32 she reported these lights variously as white, golden, and blood-red. At 11:32 she reported a sensation of someone taking her hand; a stranger, but also herself. Twelve subjects have reported similar experiences. At 11:33 she reported the sensation we have called “The Opening Of The Veil.” The Device recorded temporal displacement of her consciousness to the order of six degrees. At seven she began screaming. Brainscans near-death. Removed from the Device at 11:34"

And the last log from the same fragment reads

"No wonder the Device was abandoned. The human mind is too weak for it. Too weak to look into the Future, or to understand what it sees.

What the situation calls for, little Ghost, is a better sort of witness.

We found you in pieces in Siberia, and repaired you as well as we could.

What do you say? Are you well enough to travel?


I belive the Ghost on A-113 is the same ghost from the Ghost Fragment: FWC. And the effects of the device also fits the description of the effects that the keyhole had on the Sophias crew on A-113

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Wait, you’re saying that Ghost is the same Ghost the FWC sent through time? Wow!

Yeah, and the same Ghost from the Mystery: Vault of Glass cards, right? I just re-read and now I’m convinced.

I linked that Ghost.

We’re seeing hints of a metastory with that Ghost. I’ll try and hunt down all of the cards that has a lone Ghost, although now that I think of it, the Ghost in A-113 is not the same one the War Cult found, as the War Cult-found Ghost was damaged and in Siberia, so they repaired it to use in their Device. Unless it crashed? Then there’s a gap in the story…

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wouldn’t it be funny if that ghost, at the end of its journey through time, crash lands in Siberia :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds like I could happen. The Arach in A-113 told the ghost to return to Earth after all. Maybe it couldn’t make it to the Tower.

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Great card. Honestly i think its a way for Bungie to open up a new plot if they ever need be.
Imagine in D2 there are faction guests with their own stories. This would be a good plot to add in one of those missions.


Could have been the Nine. That is my theory. DEAD ORBIT FOR LIFE

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