Adding 'Heart of Inmost Light' to Rezyl Azzir Category

As I remember seeing pointed out on /r/DestinyLore or /r/DTG, the lore entries make clear that the individual referred to in the Heart of Inmost Light lore tab is Rezyl Azzir–by using a key phrase “muscle and might and metal”, and both also referring to Azzir as a “mountain” of these attributes.

Seen first in a D1 lore card here:

In time his kind would be called Titan. Mountains of muscle and might and metal.

And then in the D2 exotic lore tab:

Muscle and might and metal—a mountain of it, they said.

I’m proposing adding the latter entry to the Rezyl Azzir category. I’d argue it could stand as a Level 3 since it refers directly to him and his inmost (heh) thoughts. But it doesn’t mention him by name and could be bumped down to Level 2. Thoughts?

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ve added this entry to the Rezyl Azzir category.