Adding images to Lore Entries

Perhaps we can take screenshots of Lore screens and post them alongside their lore entry?

Hey @Arcmind, what would be the benefit of this?

Well for one, I have noticed a few entries which seem to have a misspelling or two, sometimes a capital letter that is lowercase, a word missing etc. Having the actual in-game image to verify can help with interpretation of lore, arkborn lowercase might cause some to think it is a descriptive name while the capital Arkborn denotes a name proper. Just semantics for lore-seekers, the full picture for those looking to get exact text from an in-game object and misspelling or missing text might affect that. Just my thoughts anyway. Not something you guys need to do if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

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I see where you are coming from now, but the lore entries all come from the API, so if there’s a misspelling in the game there’s also a misspelling on the site. :slightly_smiling_face:

If we ever transcribe entries by hand then I think screenshots would make more sense!

Ah. So lore entries are actually in effect doing the same thing as OCR software correct? If so, then I happen to know that they can mess up every now and again depending on the image i.e that word blends too much with the background and the software misses it. Just some food for thought!

No, lore entries come from the Bungie API. They are effectively the same as items and grimoire cards.

Hang on, would you mind explaining how this works? Has nothing to do with the topic or discussion I know, but the way this place works has always fascinated me.